White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options to Brighten up Your Kitchen

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Enjoy a bit of brightness in your space with a white farmhouse kitchen sink. These classic options are a great way to incorporate an updated yet traditional element to your kitchen.

There’s no object more synonymous with a farmhouse kitchen than the classic, white farm sink. These options are ideal for anyone in love with this trendy style. But that doesn’t mean they’re not functional as well.

What’s great about these is that their style has a very practical purpose. For one, the color helps to create a more open, bright space. Unlike darker colors, lighter colors reflect any light source in the room. This creates the illusion of an airy space.

These options are also up to the challenge for any washing tasks. Even larger items, like stock pots, can fit inside the wide, deep basins that this style is known for.

If you’re interested in these stylish, and functional additions, check out these great product options:

White Rounded Farmhouse Sink


This option is perfect for anyone who wants a more traditional look. The rounded front gives it that added bit of a rustic touch, which is preferable for some shoppers.

And if you don’t like it, you can reverse it to the other apron, which is flat. This side has more of a modern or contemporary look. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep their kitchen looking trendy and updated.

On a more functional level, this option this still a good choice. It’s made of Fireclay, which is a popular material. Not only is Fireclay durable, but it’s also cheaper than similar options, such as porcelain. In that sense, it’s an excellent choice if you’re on a budget.

It also has a good coating to go over the Fireclay. The enameled coating is nonporous and durable. This means you’ll have less work when it comes to maintaining a clean basin. The basin will also be less likely to develop stains or odors.

For an added layer of protection, this option also comes with the addition of a grid. You can place the grid in the bottom of the basin in order to protect the surface from scratches and heat. It’s also protection in case you accidentally drop something heavy, like a cast iron pan.

White Farmhouse Sink With Fluting

farmhouse-sink-with-flutingMR Direct

Like the pervious option, this one has both a modern apron, as well as a decorative one. The modern one is a flat face, that has a sleek, minimalist finish. Meanwhile the reverse is done with a traditional, fluted style.

Fluting is the ideal detail for country style designs. It has that added bit of charm that is reminiscent of the traditional beginnings of this style. It’s also a great way to add in some additional texture and visual interest to your design.

On a more practical level, fluting as a design has an important purpose. It was originally used to promote the play of light across the surface of an object. As such, you can expect this to pick up the natural light in your kitchen easily.

This option is also made of Fireclay, so you know you’re getting something durable. Another benefit of this material and similar ones, is that they’re noise dampening. They absorb the sound of dishes and another work much more than metal.

How to Maintain a Spotless Basin

When it comes to lighter colors, stains are your biggest enemy. Any food residue or general build up is going to be extremely obvious against the plain background of the basin’s surface.

To clean these without damaging the surface of the basin, the key is a light touch. The surface coating should make cleaning easy, so just a little soap and warm water will work in most cases. For tougher stains, you can upgrade to implements like non-abrasive sponges and gentle cleaning solutions.

Things like hard water and soap residue can also give the surface a streaky finish. This will ruin the nice, smooth, enamel-like finish that these options come with. However, it shouldn’t be too noticeable, and it’s also easy to clean.

Apart from that, just make sure you’re keeping the surface protected. Any chips or scratches in the coating can lead to discoloration or even lingering odors.

Luckily, for the most part, options like these come with a scratch resistant surface coating. That means it can withstand a little abuse without getting damage.

However, you’ll still want to be careful. It’s best to avoid dropping sharp objects like knives into the basin. And when possible, keep them away from the basin surface altogether.

To help with that, you can purchase a grid, or choose a product that has one already included. Many options, like the Kraus one listed above, come with grids that are appropriate for the basin size and shape. You can look for these as well.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Space

Choosing lighter colors for larger fixtures has practical benefits. It’s a great way to open up a space that is small, or that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Of course, it’s also great as a wholly aesthetic choice. For country or traditional styles, it’s the perfect way to get a large fixture such as this to blend in. However, many options work just as well in modern or industrial designs.

With reversible products, the choice is up to you. Go with the flat face for a sleek and modern look. Or, if clean and simple lines are not preferable, go with the rounded or decorative face for more traditional styles.

There are many options, each with their own specific benefits. When it comes time to choose, pick the one that best suits your space, and your design preference. You’ll also want to watch for good materials, such as Fireclay, which provide a lot of helpful features for any owner.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good match for your kitchen, it’s not hard to find one. There are plenty of white farmhouse kitchen sink options that can turn your space into one you love.

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