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Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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Create a charming, cozy space with these vintage farmhouse kitchen ideas. These farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas can help you achieve the look you want.

The appeal of vintage decorations, whether genuine or reproduction, is in the history.

Modern styles tend to trend towards the sparse. Modern design in general favors hard, smooth textures, and very little decoration. It provides a clean, minimalist look that is certainly appealing, but it’s not very homey.

Rustic, vintage, and country styles are a nice alternative trend. Vintage in particular, gives you a way to create a warmer, cozier space.

If you’re interested in changing up your home, here’s what you need to know about how to get this style:

Hallmarks of This Style

If you’re looking to get this style in your home, here are some of the basics that you should know. You don’t have to stick to all of these hallmarks, however they’re a great starting point. They can help you determine if this style is for you, or how you can implement in your space.

Muted Colors

One important point of this style is the muted color schemes. As with similar styles, like shabby chic and rustic, you want to stick to earth tones and pastels. Bold colors, like jewel tones, are going to look out of place.

It’s also good to incorporate a lot of white, or off-white into your color schemes. These will help give your rooms an open, airy feeling that’s also common with this style.


While your color choices should be toned down, your decor choices should be as generous as possible. As previously mentioned, this style is far from sparse minimalism.

With this style, you get to have fun with as many ornamental elements as you want. The more decorations and decorative touches, the better. So long as they look organized and coordinated, you’ll be fine.

You also shouldn’t leave any space out. This style is well known for making use of walls, even in spaces like the kitchen. Keep reading below to find out more about how to decorate your wall space.


When it comes to décor, the focus of this style is on repurposing. Some examples of this include using old window frames as wall décor, ladders as storage, or old doors as headboards. Of course, you can also go with something more traditional, like upcycling old furniture, or displaying antique agricultural tools.

Many of these items can be purchased brand new, with an antique look. But if you happen to be crafty, this is the perfect style to embrace that skill. This style is known for its wealth of DIY possibilities.

Pallets are the most well-known item for DIY and repurposing. Their rough-hewn wooden planks are used in everything from shelves to light fixtures.

But don’t feel limited. There’s a wealth of objects you can use, far beyond what’s mentioned here.

With this style, creativity is half of the fun. In fact, it often borders on eclectic. That means you can repurpose or upcycle whatever you want.

Bold Textures

Because this style makes the most of decorations, it’s common to see a lot of different textures in the same space.

Natural materials are popular in this style, so rough textures are common. Wood, stone, and rough fabrics like burlap or canvas are all popular. But those are often paired with more delicate things like lace, or smooth surfaces like metal.

Either way, it’s a good idea to have a variety of textures and materials. Contrast rough, hard things, with soft, smooth things, and make the most of your decorations.


Another thing that sets this style apart is its embrace of storage options.

Modern design typically has hidden storage. It favors things like drawer organizers, or other options that won’t be seen. The cleaner and simpler your space can look, the better.

Vintage style is the exact oppose. You want visible storage, and lots of it.

Larger furniture options like apothecary cabinets, credenzas, buffet tables, and armories are all popular. You can use these for storage, but you can also use them for decoration. Any visible surface or shelving can be filled with additional decorations or antiques.

You can also make use of smaller storage. Things like metal tins, jars, and wooden crates can be used for extra storage, but they also double as decorations.

If you happen to have a lot of items that you need to put away, this style is perfect. For those who don’t have a lot of things that need storing, don’t worry! You can still keep a few pieces around for decorations, like trunks or chests.

Vintage Farmhouse Wall Decor

One of the highlights of this particular style is its use of vertical space.  It’s common to have functional, or even purely decorative areas on walls throughout the home.

In the kitchen, this usually means making use of shelving.

Plain shelving is usually added in to store coffee mugs or other cookware or tableware. Plain ceramic tableware, as well copper cookware, are popular choices for display.

But not everything has to be practical. You can also display photos, vintage kitchen tools, plants, or decorative items.

One decorative is to do a gallery wall of some sort. With gallery walls, you can display whatever objects you want. Photos are obviously the most popular choice for this. You can arrange family photos or artwork together, to decorate you wall.

Other options include things like plates, metal signs, metal art, wooden art, or other decorations. Really, the possibilities are endless. Whether your prefer shelves or wall art, the choice is up to you.

Designs for Your Home

Here is some great inspiration if you want to incorporate this style into your space:

Minimal Vintage


While this style is known for having a lot of decoration, that doesn’t mean you can’t tone it down a bit. This space shows how you can blend very traditional pieces, in a modern room.

In this case, the key is all of the smaller details. There are plenty of antique touches throughout, like the farmhouse sink, cabinet pulls, fixtures, and even in the additional furniture.

Although the overall space is very simple and clean, these details keep the style from being too modern.

They’ve also incorporated use of the vertical space, which is important to this style. The added shelving and wall art helps keep the room from feeling too sparse. As does all the wood used throughout.

Warm and Charming

Country Kitchen

This charming space shows how fun it can be to work with soft colors and traditional touches.

There’s the prefect mix of updated and rustic in this space. It also happens to incorporate plenty of vintage hallmarks, like the storage, material, and fixtures.

It also shows how you can still use a lot of color in this style. There are pops of color throughout, but they’re subtle enough to keep the overall softness.

Both Old and New

When it comes to design, getting creative with history is always fun. No matter what time period you favor, there’s a way to bring it into your modern life.

With these styles, there’s also the fun of finding creative ways to use old items. Repurposing and upcycling old furniture and tools is a great way to create some truly unique decor.

With these vintage farmhouse kitchen ideas, you can create a gorgeous, functional space that’s perfect for you.

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