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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

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Create the cozy space of your dreams with rustic farmhouse kitchen designs. Rustic looks are ideal for people who want to create warm, inviting spaces to enjoy.

If you’re interested in trying out some rustic looks, check out these farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas:

Why go rustic?

The best part about rustic design is that it embraces imperfection. The more hand-spun and unfinished an element looks, the better it fits the design.

In that sense, it’s perfect for people who lack design confidence. You can get away with any mistakes, since a mismatched feel is actually a feature of this style, rather than a bug.

It’s also nice because it’s a cozy type of style. It incorporates a lot of earthy and natural elements. Together, these help to make a home feel warm and welcoming.

Hallmarks of Rustic Design

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a rustic farmhouse makeover, you’ll need to know where to begin. Here are some of the major hallmarks of this style, to help you get started:

Rough Finishes and Textures

Unfinished and unpolished is definitely the way to go with this style.

Wood that hasn’t been varnished, metal that has a patina, and stoneware are all good choices for this style.

You can also carry the texture into any fabric elements. Using canvas or burlap for kitchen towels or curtains is a good choice. You can also go with something similar, like jute, for any floor mats.

There aren’t usually a lot of fabric elements in kitchen design, so be sure to make the most of whatever you do have.

Vintage or Antique Items

In keeping with the unfinished style, vintage and antique items are also a popular addition. These items tend to be decorative by nature, so don’t be afraid to add as many as you want.

Most of the time these items are decorative, but you can still keep things functional. Containers, jars, wooden utensils, cabinet pulls are all good options for going vintage.

You can also buy things that look aged and antique, but are actually brand new. How far you want to go, or what you want to use, is really up to you.

Industrial Elements

Rustic and industrial items tend to go together, because they have a lot of similarities.

For interior design, industrial just means something that that looks like it was made for utility than aesthetic. Items in this style have a lot of metal, and look sturdy. Like the name suggests, they wouldn’t look out of place in a factory or other manufacturing space.

Those same elements also work well with rustic designs. Adding in some metal and utility items is a good alternative if you’re not a fan of wood. It’s also helpful if you prefer darker color schemes.

Inspiration for Your Kitchen

To get some inspiration for your ideal space, check out the photos below. Each of them provides a great example for just how stylish rustic looks can be.

Keeping it Colorful


The bold colors choices in this kitchen are a good example of how you can take this style in a number of directions. Don’t feel that you have to stick to the classic white and natural wood combo.

In this case, the bold blue cabinets are the perfect accent to the white walls and exposed beams. They do make the kitchen look darker, however there’s a lot of natural light in this room. If you have plenty of windows and light in your kitchen, it’s still a viable option.

In addition to the color, this space is a good example of incorporating small, rustic touches. the curtains, wall prints, and containers all have a vintage or natural feel.

A lot of the cookware is also copper. Copper feels more vintage, and it’s also a perfect complement to the blue cabinets. It’s that additional pop of color that ties the room together.

Keeping it Current

Rustic Country Kitchen

This space shows how easy it is to go rustic, while still keeping things modern and trendy.

There are a ton of natural elements in this space, with all the wood, plants, and marble patterns. Together, these help the room feel more connected to nature, despite being relatively sparse.

They also help add in some color. The wood tones and little pops of green contrast the otherwise stark space.

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of different wood tones present in the room. It’s perfectly fine to mix dark woods and light woods, just don’t get too crazy. Choose one specific stain or color to be the most prevalent. Treat the others as accents, and use them sparingly.

The modern elements of this space are mostly found in the simple lines. The island, for example, has a minimal design. The cabinets too, are plain.

This keeps the space from venturing more into primitive territory. It also plays into current trends, to help keep everything from looking outdated.

How to Make Your Kitchen Rustic

Adding some rustic flair to your kitchen couldn’t be easier.

If you have a full renovation in mind, remember to add in some hallmarks of rustic designs.

The flooring is a great place to start. Pick out an option that shows off plenty of wood grain, for a truly rustic feel.

Of course, you don’t have to get real wood to get all the design benefits. Laminate and tile both have faux wood options that give you that natural look, just with more durability.

You can also start with another major element in your kitchen: the cabinets. In terms of cabinet design, getting something traditional works best with rustic styles.

Color is the other important factor when selecting cabinets. You can certainly go with a bold color if you want. Just keep in mind that white helps to open up your kitchen, and make it look brighter. That’s why it’s such a popular color choice.

But don’t think that a full renovation is your only option. Rustic elements are easy to add into any existing design.

Start by adding in some antique items, like storage containers or cabinet pulls. Pair those with plenty of natural textures, like wood and burlap. Together, they can give your space that cozy feeling that rustic designs are known for.

Overall, going with rustic design is never a bad choice. This sturdy, forgiving style is the perfect one for a space as messy and warm as a kitchen. Try out some of these rustic farmhouse kitchen designs, and see if this style works for you.

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