Reversible Farmhouse Sink Options

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Add some variety to your kitchen with a reversible farmhouse sink. These sinks are a fun way to get more out of your design, without having to pay more.

These reversible apron front sinks are ideal for anyone who has a hard time making up their mind. You essentially get two different sinks for the price of one. So if you have buyer’s remorse for one face, switch it up and enjoy the other instead.

It’s also a great way to ensure that you’ll always have a sink that matches your kitchen. If your style suddenly changes, just select the face that matches better. That way you don’t have to make an entirely new purchase to add to your renovation budget.

If you’re convinced that these sinks are the right ones for you, check out our guide and product recommendations below:


One of the best benefits of this type of sink is that you can completely change the way it looks with limited hassle. The process is simple enough that you can do it as often as you like.

After the first install, you’ll already have all the proper hardware and mounting materials in place. That way there’s no need to go through the full installation process each time.

You could essentially change the way your sink looks at the end of each year, or even more frequently! The choice is really up to you.

And if you happen to just like the price and features, but not the design, then that’s fine too! These options function just like any others.

If you like one face but not the other, the installation process is the same. Just install, and leave it there. You don’t have to flip it to the other face if you don’t want to.

Basic Features

What makes these options so adaptable is their simplistic design. Although they do have the excellent feature of a decorated front, the rest of the sink is kept uniform.

They usually include a single drain, right in the center of the sink. They also have a simple shape, like a rectangle or square, that’s kept symmetrical. They don’t usually come in ovoid or curved shapes.

For some people, even with the extra design on one face, that can seem a little plain. Curved basins or fronts do add a touch of unique flair to a kitchen.

However, that simplicity is what allows the sink to be rotated and reinstalled easily. There’s not fuss about moving the drain placement. And you also don’t have to readjust clamps, supports, or countertops. You simply uninstall, rotate, and reinstall.

Product Recommendations

With this type of product, you can actually get a few different styles. The most common ones are plain with a decorated front, although there are others.

As for the decorative faces, most are fluted in some manner. They tend to target traditional or country styles, although there are many that will look good in modern kitchens too.

If you’re looking for something fun for your kitchen, check out these great options:

Fluted Design


This option has two styles: plain white and fluted. The fluting is a classic look that reminiscent of stripes. It’s the perfect choice if you prefer more country or rustic looking styles.

In terms of function, this sink is a durable choice. It’s made of Fireclay, which is known for its strength and ability to resist heat. The clay for this material is formed into the correct shape, and then fired at a super-hot temperature. Hence the name, and the durability.

Overall, this one is a great option for anyone who wants something trendy, but tends to prefer rustic designs.

French Design


This sink is similar to the first option, with both a plain face and a decorative face. However, in this case, the design is much simpler. It’s very French, with a single, centered rectangle recessed into the front.

This makes it a little more versatile than the first option. Both the plain and the decorative faces work for a wide range of styles, from primitive to modern.

It’s also a durable option, allowing you to enjoy both styles for a long time to come. Like the first option, it’s made of Fireclay, which is known for its durability.

Overall, this is the perfect option for someone who wants something timeless. Both front facing sides on this option are classically beautiful. No matter where you take your design choices in the future, this sink should be able to go with you.

General Maintenance and Care

Regardless of what material you choose, maintaining the surface of your sink requires a gentle hand.

Stick to your regular household cleaners and grease cutting soap. Anything stronger risks damaging the surface of your sink.

You also want to use non-abrasive scrubbers and sponges. Things like microfiber towels and non-stick safe dish sponges are ideal.

The good news is that Fireclay sinks can withstand a higher level of abuse. You can get away with harsher chemicals, although it’s still best to avoid them. Most stains and debris doesn’t require serious cleaning, so stick to gentler methods first.

Maximizing Your Style

In order to get more out of your sink, go for one that maximizes your choices.

Reversible options are ideal for fixtures that could be in your kitchen for decades. It gives you a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a refresh, without having to do a full renovation. And if you do decide to renovate, chances are, one of the faces will work with your new style. That saves you a lot of money in your budget.

Apart from the practical considerations, it’s also just more fun. By purchasing an option that has two different face designs, you’re getting twice the possibilities. When one face goes out of style or no longer captures your interest, simply switch it to another.

It gives you the freedom to decide what look you want for your kitchen.

So if you want something fun and functional, consider purchasing a reversible farmhouse sink for your kitchen.

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