Quartz Farmhouse Sink Options for the Stylish Kitchen

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Add some elegance to your kitchen with a quartz farmhouse sink. These durable, beautiful fixtures are the perfect way to upgrade your space.

Benefits of this Material

In most cases, what you’re getting with this material is actually what’s known as a composite.

Composite essentially means that the basin is formed out of a number of materials that have been mixed together. Typically, these options use granite, although other stones are also used.

In that sense, you can think of it sort of like concrete. It’s several materials that, when treated properly, come together to form something durable.

It’s important to know that composite is not the most durable option. However, as a more budget friendly alternative, it is still a good choice.

That’s because the other main benefit of this type of fixture is the price. While some options are still expensive, you’re paying a lot less than you would for a “pure” version of the material.

Great Product Choices

If you’re interested in this type of fixture, here’s one great option:

Karran Quartz Sink


Functionally, this option has it’s strengths. One helpful aspect is that it naturally absorbs sounds. This means you’ll have less clinking around whenever you’re doing the dishes.

It’s certainly a small touch, but it makes a big difference when you have to use your sink.

It also comes with two separate basins. A double basin sink offers a bit more functionality since it gives you more options.

You have the ability to organize your sink, and separate out tasks. For example, you can wash dishes in one basin, and thaw something out in another.

Although it does limit the overall space in the basin, it’s still preferable for busy kitchens.

This option, is also a good example of a composite. As previously mentioned, that means it’s not one hundred percent stone. Instead, it’s stone mixed in with other, durable materials to create a better basin.

With composite options you’re getting something that durable, while still being cost-effective. It’s also lighter than pure stone, which makes installation easier.

Another benefit is the strength of the material. It’s more resistant to chipping or scratching than clay, or other types of stoneware. With an option like this one, that has the front exposed, that’s a reassuring quality.

How to Care for Your New Fixture

With basins of any material, the focus should be on preserving the surface. Once you damage the surface with scratches or chips, you’ll get discoloration and odors easily. There’s also more potential for bacteria to build up.

To avoid this, treat the basin with care. You want to protect it from impacts by handling your cooking implements carefully. Place heavy items gently into the basin, and try to keep sharp objects from direct contact with the surface.

The other main thing to avoid is heat. Heat can cause stains, and can even cause some materials, like metal, to become warped.

Composite sinks are more heat resistant than some other materials, however they’re not impervious. You still risk having the heat causing discoloration in the surface.

That’s why, with any material, it’s also important to clean it carefully. In general, you shouldn’t need to use harsh chemicals in order to clean the basin. Instead, stick to gentle, natural options like baking soda and vinegar.

They can be just as effective for most issues, and they carry less risk of compromising the basin.

Managing Stains

One of the biggest questions people have with this type of materials is do quartz sinks stain.

The short answer is that all sinks will develop stains when not properly cared for. There is no material that’s one hundred percent stain proof.

This material, in particular, is susceptible due to the fact that it’s not as heavily coated. In most cases, composite or similar materials will be coated in some type of enamel. However, for stone composites like the product listed above, that isn’t the case

Since the material is more exposed, there is always the chance of it developing discoloration. Luckily, this type of problem is easy to address with the right steps.

As previously mentioned, the key is to protect the basin. Don’t place hot objects directly on its surface. You also need to be careful not to cause any scuffs or scratches.

Unfortunately, a sink is a workhorse in the kitchen. Chances are, it will develop an issue one way or another. If that does happen, you want to address it by cleaning it up immediately. Don’t let stains or food residue linger for too long.

How to Remove Stains

With any material, you should never be using things like steel wool or copper mesh directly on the basin. Even abrasive sponges can create issues. Instead, use things like microfiber towels, or non-stick safe sponges.

If you do encounter a stubborn stain, baking powder paste or melamine foam can be used. With these, you can gently buff away any imperfections on the surface of the basin.

It’s also important to know the nature of your stain. For things caused by grease or oil, a grease cutting soap is best. Let it sit on the stain for a while, and then wash it away with hot water. This should take care of the majority of the stain.

For stains that are caused by pigments, either in spices or food, things like vinegar are a much better option. The pH of vinegar helps lift the discoloration away.

Buying the Right Fixture

Choosing large fixtures is always a little tricky. You want something that will sustain whatever abuse you have to put it through. But you also want something that will look nice and stand out.

Finding the balance between these two factors is further complicated by price. Large fixtures are expensive, so it’s not always a simple matter of getting the best, most highly praised option.

Thankfully, there are tons of good fixtures available. With proper care, most options will be able to handle whatever your kitchen needs.

So if you’re looking for the right balance between function, price, and aesthetics, consider a quartz farmhouse sink.

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