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Primitive Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Bring your kitchen back to a simpler time with these primitive farmhouse decorating ideas. Similar to rustic styles, this option is perfect for anyone who values tradition as well as comfort. And the historical touches help to keep things simple yet functional.

If you’re interested in this farmhouse kitchen design, check out the information below. With these great decorating ideas, you can make your kitchen a warmer, cozier place.

What is Primitive Farmhouse?

For the newly initiated, primitive décor is just one of many styles that fall under the rustic décor umbrella. But don’t be tempted to simplify this style as only being rustic.

Like farmhouse, it takes its cues from America’s homesteading past. But This style takes it even further by fully embracing the aesthetics of the time period.

It totally rejects modern décor, in favor of folksy, vintage, and antique looks. Because of that, it’s a great option for anyone who loves cozy, warm interiors.

Country and Primitive Décor Hallmarks

If you’re interested in this style, it’s important to know the basics. Although it is very similar to rustic and French styles, it’s not the same. There are a few key differences that set this style apart.

In order to get this style in your kitchen, here are all the hallmarks you’ll need to know:

Historical Flair

One of the distinctive features of this style is that it enjoys being historically accurate. More so than similar styles, this one favors décor that would’ve actually been used back in the homesteading days.

It’s helpful to think of it as a close cousin of colonial style. In both cases, the styles favor things used during the past, although their historical periods don’t necessarily align.

Of course, finding and purchasing things actually used a century ago isn’t an easy task. It’s not really that functional either. Rather, look for reproduction pieces, or anything similar that you can use.

There’s a surprising amount of traditional and country decor that fits well into this style. With a careful eye and a little shopping, you can find what you need.

Natural Materials

Like rustic designs, this style favors natural materials. However, unlike rustic styles, you want to make sure that you’re keeping it as unfinished as possible.

That means wood with natural stains, and not too shiny of a varnish. You’ll also want to stick to fabrics like cotton, linen, and burlap.

Of course, you can have newer, shiner items if you like. The point is to make sure that everything has that same aesthetic.

Warm Colors

The color palette for this style tends to skew more towards warmer colors. You want to use plenty of brown, yellow, and red. And the more natural or earth toned you can get, the better.

A lot of that comes from the nature of the materials that you’ll be using. Wood and natural fibers tend to have neutral tones as is, with plenty of brown and beige. But it’s also just because of the more rustic nature of this style.

Regardless, just make sure you’re not adding in jewel tones or anything too bold, and you should be fine.

Function over Form

One important feature of this style is that it doesn’t like things that are too flashy, or purely aesthetic. In that sense, this style actually has a lot in common with modern minimalism.

However, unlike with modern décor, this style has that feature out of necessity rather than aesthetics.

Back in the day, the focus for décor was on what was going to useful, not what looked best. Of course, people still decorated their homes, but they did so more with what was on hand. That’s why wooden decorations, quilts, dried flowers and embroidery are all popular accessories for this style.

As such, you want to avoid anything that might be seen as too fussy. You don’t have to go totally bare bones, but it is nice to keep things as simple and rustic as possible.

Popular Décor Items

Primitive Kitchen

As previously mentioned, one the biggest points about this type of décor is that it should feel historically accurate. You don’t have to only use genuine antiques, but try to keep your décor within the right time period.

Avoid more modern items like plastic. Instead, stick to the natural materials that would’ve been available back in the day.

Primitive farm décor should also have a folksy, handmade feel. In fact, where possible, you should absolutely purchase handmade décor, or make it yourself! And the more imperfect something looks, the better.

Here are just some of the popular decorations used with this style:

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Dried floral arrangements
  • Barn stars
  • Folk art
  • Willow branches
  • Wooden art and signs
  • Ceramics, stoneware, and pottery
  • Wooden window frames
  • Quilted fabrics

Of course, you don’t have to stick to just these items. You can certainly update this style where you want, or take the historical aspect even further. As long as you’re sticking to a mostly rustic aesthetic, you can make it work.

Getting the Look in Your Kitchen

Unfortunately, on the whole, this style is more restrictive than others. You don’t really get the same freedom you do with other variations of farmhouse looks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering.

In your own home, getting this look may not be the simplest endeavor, but there are a few things you can do.

One option you can start immediately is switching out your décor. It’s easy to make cheap primitive décor yourself. It’s also easy to find supplies or suitable décor at your local craft store.

Another helpful and easy method is to change up your color palette and kitchen finishes. Things like wall color, cabinet doors, and cabinet pulls are easy changes to make, even without professionals. Paired with décor, these changes will make an immediate difference in your kitchen.

For larger fixtures, you can also consider getting a farm style sink. Cast iron farmhouse sinks, in particular, are a great choice for this style. It’s definitely a more costly option, but it makes a big statement.

And don’t be afraid to play around with the style. If you like but aren’t certain it’s for you, just choose a few elements to incorporate.

Although this style is at its best when fully embraced, you can still enjoy it. There are plenty of primitive farmhouse decorating ideas you can use in any home.

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