Reversible Farmhouse Sink Options to Transform Your Kitchen

Add some variety to your kitchen with a reversible farmhouse sink. These sinks are a fun way to get more out of your design, without having to pay more. These reversible apron front sinks are ideal for anyone who has a hard time making up their mind. You essentially get two different sinks for the …


The Hammered Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink for Your Dream Kitchen

If you want to do something different with your kitchen, consider a hammered stainless steel farmhouse sink. These unique options are the perfect way to make your kitchen stand out. These options are different from any other type of sink, due to their interesting texture. Most other options are plain, or have typical fluted designs. …


Single Basin Farmhouse Sink Options for any Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a modern classic with a single basin farmhouse sink. These options can give you the trendy, updated kitchen you want, without the price tag. What makes these sinks a good choice is that they are both functional and stylish. They’re workhorses in the kitchen, capable of containing any large job that …


What to Know Before Installing a New Sink

People typically don’t think of replacing their sinks. Often, homeowners will think, “it is what it is” and let their sinks be. It doesn’t help that sinks are connected to plumbing, and therefore an intimidating DIY prospect. Alternative options, like changing countertops and cabinets, tend to be more popular. These options can certainly refresh your …