Farmhouse Sink with Low Divider Options that are Super Functional

If you can’t decide between one basin or two, try a farmhouse sink with low divider. These options are the perfect blend of single and double basin fixtures. What is This Feature? This feature is unique to fixtures that have two basins. Unlike single basin options, these fixtures are split into two, with a partition …


Bamboo Farmhouse Sink Options for the Eco-friendly Kitchen

Do something different with your kitchen and try a bamboo farmhouse sink. This sustainable alternative to traditional materials is both beautiful and functional. It’s prefect if you’re looking for something unique. What is This Material? As a plant, bamboo is actually a type of grass. However, the fibrous insides are super durable, making it the …


Farmhouse Sink with Decorative Front Options to Add Drama to Your Kitchen

Add a hint of drama to your home with these farmhouse sink with decorative front options. If you’re tired of smooth, shiny finishes, consider these fun alternatives. In most cases, fixture selection comes down to material and color. There’s already a lot of options, even with just those two choices. However, there not the only …


Cheap Farmhouse Sink Options for Any Budget

Check out these cheap farmhouse sink options. No matter what your budget, you can find an inexpensive fixture that will work for your kitchen. You can be forgiven for thinking that farmhouse sinks are too much for your renovation budget. Everyone knows that there are ridiculously expensive options out there. Some are well over a …


Budget Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl Options for Any Kitchen

Check out these budget stainless steel farmhouse sink double bowl options that are prefect for any kitchen. If you’re planning out your renovation, save yourself money and effort with one of these durable, cheap fixtures. The Best Option for Your Wallet When it comes to materials, stainless is by far the cheapest. In most cases, …


The Concrete Apron Front Sink for Your Unique Kitchen

Choose a concrete apron front sink and take your kitchen design to the next level. These unconventional options are a great way to give your space a distinct look.   Benefits of This Material   One unexpected benefit of this material is that it can be manufactured more sustainably. That means that certain options are a better …


Elegant White Porcelain Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options

Get something gorgeous and durable with these white porcelain farmhouse kitchen sink options. These quality fixtures make an elegant, functional addition to any space. Why This Material Works There’s a reason porcelain has been prized for centuries. If you purchase a sink made of this material, there are plenty of benefits you can expect. The …

Design Tips

White Kitchen with Farmhouse Sink Design Tips

Find inspiration for your home with these white kitchen with farmhouse sink ideas. Big, bright kitchens are the trend, but they’re not always easy to style. If you want to make the most of your renovation, check out these great styling ideas. The Benefits of Lighter Colors Lighter colors are trendy, and not just because …