Matte Black Farmhouse Sink Options

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Update the look of your kitchen with a matte black farmhouse sink. These sleek, modern options are the perfect way to make your kitchen look brand new.

White sinks tend to be the most popular choice for kitchens, but they’re not always the best choice.

They do work well for opening up a space. Their light color can help make a kitchen look brighter and larger. However, too much white in any color scheme also risks making a room look boring and sterile. Variations in color and texture are necessary to keep a design interesting.

On a functional level, there are also some minor inconveniences. Due to the light color, stains and other flaws in the surface are going to be much more obvious.

That’s why dark fixtures, like black sinks, are a great option. They’re perfect for providing contrast, and the color disguises minor wear and tear.

If you’re interested in going a different route in your kitchen, here are some great products to consider:

Matte Black Undermount Kitchen Sink

matte-black-farmhouse-sink Kichae

This option is an attractive one, with its dark color and matte finish. However, it’s not just pretty. It’s got a lot of features that are designed to make it more durable and easier to maintain.

Part of that is the fact that it’s a 16-gauge black stainless farmhouse sink. 16 gauge provides a nice middle ground between being too thick and too thin. While it’s not the thickest option you can get, it’s still not thin enough to be worrisome.

As such, this sink provides good durability. The metal isn’t too heavy, but should still withstand plenty of use.

It also comes with a few features to help you protect the surface of the basin.

One such feature is the grid that comes with purchase. The grid is an added layer of protection, in case you accidentally drop something. It’s also helpful for keeping sharp objects away from the surface of the basin.

In addition, the basin itself has a slight, x-shaped slope. This makes it easier for water and debris to drain away into the garbage disposal. It also helps eliminate standing water, which can cause odors and stains.

Overall, it’s a great purchase if you’re after a good value for your money.

Benefits of Going Matte

When it comes to cleaning your sink, there’s also a great benefit to having something with a matte finish. With this type of finish, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints.

While a shiny finish looks great, it will pick up fingerprints and dirt easily. That’s why appliances and fixtures with this finish have to be polished regularly.

With matte finishes, that’s less of an issue. Although it lacks the same shine, it’s much easier to maintain in a smudge-free state.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with any metal sink, cleaning is a relatively easy process. Use gentle cleaners or solutions, and regularly remove any stains or food debris. This will help protect your sink from discolorations or odors.

With metal, it’s also important to avoid extreme temperatures. Exposing the material to very hot or very cold temperatures can cause the metal to warp.

Having a lower gauge sink will help ease some of the risk, however it’s good to be careful regardless. Avoid things like, taking a hot pan out of the oven and putting it directly on the surface of the sink.

You also need to be careful with scratches. Metal tends to scratch easily if you’re not careful. Scratches can then lead to stains and odor, as any residue gets trapped inside.

To avoid this, just take extra care when washing sharp, metal, or heavy items. Try not to drop them, or hit them against the surface of the basin. As long as you’re careful, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Another potential issue with the color of these options is hard water stains. Any hard water residue is going to stand out significantly against such a dark background.

In order to prevent this, it helps to keep your sink dry. Have a dedicated microfiber towel handy to dry the sink out after use. You don’t have to do this every time you use the sink. Rather, wipe it dry at the end of the day so that there isn’t any water left out, overnight.

You can also consider purchasing an option like the one above, which has easy drainage in mind. Sloped basins like these will help keep the basin dry throughout the day.

If you do have hard water build-up, don’t worry. A simple cleaning solution with vinegar will allow you to remove it without too much fuss. Again, try to avoid harsher chemical cleaners, unless absolutely necessary. Start with a gentle cleaner first, and then work your way up if needed.

Installation Considerations

One thing worth noting about this option, is that you will probably have to move your plumbing.

The drain on this option is a single drain, set to the back of the basin. This placement is uncommon for farmhouse sinks, as well as other styles. It’s more common to see one or two centralized drains.

And if your current fixtures have this sort of arrangement, it probably won’t work with the product mentioned above.

Luckily, changing it is usually a simple process. You can still use this type of sink, just keep in mind that installation will require a few extra steps.

A Sophisticated Choice

While practical concerns are always important, it’s also nice to have fixtures that you enjoy looking at. Adding a touch of dark colors to your color scheme is a great way to make your design look more complex. Plus, dark colors are always in style, even if they’re only used as accents.

In this case, a larger fixture like a sink is a great way to incorporate darker colors. It’s large enough to make an impression, but it won’t overpower the main color scheme. It’s the perfect way to provide some contrast to your kitchen.

If you’re after something durable and stylish, consider adding a matte black farmhouse sink to your kitchen.

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