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Kitchens with Farmhouse Sinks to Inspire Your Renovation

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Looking to do something fresh with your kitchen? Check out these kitchens with farmhouse sinks and get inspired.

This guide has everything you need to master a farmhouse kitchen design centered on fixtures.

Designing Your Space

Matching your fixtures and kitchen is a fairly easy task, especially when it comes to farmhouse style.

There are so many types of sinks available, with tons of styling possibilities. You can take your style from primitive to modern, and anywhere in between.

There are so many possibilities, your biggest problem will be trying to choose the right sink for you.

But before all that, you first need to establish what things you like best.

You don’t want to end up with a style that doesn’t fit you. To that end, here are a few important questions to ask yourself before you begin:

  • Is the space you’re designing small or large?
  • Does the space get a lot of natural light?
  • Do you prefer more traditional styles, or more minimal styles?
  • Do you like natural materials? (Plants, wood, metal, etc.)
  • Do you prefer cool or warm color schemes?

The answers to these question will help form the foundation of your style. They can help you see which direction is right for you, be it rustic, industrial, modern, or country.

Inspiring Farmhouse Kitchens

Now that you’ve got your foundational preferences set, it’s time to get a little more specific.

Here are some great example kitchens that can help you decide how to design your renovation.

Calm and Bright


Farmhouse kitchens are supposed to be open and airy. Unfortunately, all that light and warm color can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re someone who favors cool colors, this space provides a great example of how to do it right.

Here, the light grey accent wall provides the right balance against the stark white fixtures. Paired with all of the wood elements, it provides that perfect rustic yet modern vibe that this style is known for.

It’s also worth noting that this is a smaller space, with light coming in from a single, small window. As such, cooler colors wouldn’t necessarily be the best design.

However, this design only uses them as accents. It pairs them with enough white to keep things bright and open. It also avoids darker shades of blue and black, which would absorb the natural light. These colors also make small spaces feel even smaller.

Vintage Feel


This kitchen is a great example of what it looks like to blend modern with vintage styles.

This space has all the hallmarks of a modern design. It’s got an airy feeling, plenty of natural light, simple lines, and a simple color scheme. But there are plenty of traditional touches as well.

The cabinets, hardware, fixtures, and the decor all have vintage touches. And the colors and patterns are still simple. The pops of color are all earth toned, and the traditional elements still have clean, sharp lines.

It’s a perfect blend of vintage and new.

This space is also a good example of one that would work with darker colors. Although there’s only mostly white in the photo, you could certainly do something different with a similar space.

The key is the natural light. There’s enough windows and light coming through, that a darker color scheme won’t make it claustrophobic.

One great option would be to have the lower cabinets provide a pop of color. They would look perfect in a pastel green, or in a dark shade of blue. You could pair them with gold hardware throughout, for a dramatic look.

You could even make them black with gold hardware. This is a popular option if you favor modern or industrial looks. Just make sure to pair them with lighter flooring.

Overall, If you like color and have a similar space consider playing with your color scheme.

Modern and Rustic

With even a quick glance it’s obvious that this space has a more rustic feel.

The beams on the ceiling, the floor boards, and the bar stools are all wood. It’s the perfect way to make the space feel more cozy, and of course, rustic.

Those elements are paired with plenty of other natural materials too. There’s the stone fireplace, as well as the industrial metal decor.

The sink as well, is a little different. While the other two spaces had a more traditional, white farmhouse sink, this space went dark. The stone sink here is still done in farmhouse style, but with a more industrial flair.

Stone or hammered metal is the perfect choice if you want a space like this. Both options have that rustic look that would blend well with the wood accents.

Of course, this space still keeps things modern. The countertops, cabinets, and some of the smaller decor items all have modern or contemporary aspect.

It’s also worth noting that the space shown is actually quite narrow. While the kitchen itself is large, the space between the island and the counter is small.

Despite this, the space still feels really large and open. The combination of natural light and light colors throughout creates that effect. So if you have a narrow kitchen, consider incorporating those same elements.

Sleek and Contemporary

This space shows how you can incorporate this style into a more contemporary space.

There’s plenty of great farmhouse-style elements in this space. It’s got the white shaker cabinets, white color scheme, and even rustic wood floors.

But the space is also very minimal and updated. In this case, the black sink was a better choice than a more traditional option. You could also get the look for cheaper with a matte option.

This type of space may be a bit too modern for some people, however it’s still a great option. You can also change it up by adding in some more wood elements, or some vintage decor.

Making the Look Yours

Inspiration is great, but don’t forget your own personal preferences.

Keep in mind foundational things, like what sort of colors you like, and the limitations of your space. By working with these factors, you can create a space that’s perfectly tailored to you and your home.

You may also be thinking that this type of interior is out of your reach due to budget. While it’s true that renovations are expensive, there’s plenty of changes you can make on a budget.

Overall, there’s plenty of reasons to try out this style. It’s easy to adapt to any personal preference and space. And you can do a cheap, mini renovation just as easily as a full one.

So if you’re interested in this style, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Take a look at some kitchens with farmhouse sinks and create your ideal design.

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