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Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Design Tips

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Get inspiration and tips for the industrial farmhouse kitchen of your dreams.

Industrial has become a popular style for a reason. It’s blend of the practical and the stylish is a perfect fit for one of the most functional spaces in a home.

If you’re looking to try out this variation of farmhouse kitchen design, check out the guide and inspiration below. They can help you decide if industrial is the right fit for you.

Hallmarks of Industrial Style

If you’re looking to incorporate industrial style into your kitchen, here are the usual hallmarks you can expect. Once you’ve got these basics down, you can turn any kitchen into the industrial space of your dreams.


For this style, go with materials that you would expect to see in a factory. Things like metal, wood, and concrete are ideal. Basically, anything strong and heavy is a safe bet.

Rough Textures

With this style, the harder and rougher that something looks, the better. You want to avoid anything that looks soft, including fabrics.

With things like curtains and hand towels, stick to short fibers and fabrics like cotton or burlap. These will give you the desired texture, while still being soft and functional. They’re also a great farmhouse inspired touch.

However, you don’t want to venture too far into the unfinished look. Things like unvarnished wood or metal with a heavy patina tends to look too rustic.

If you’re after a rustic industrial look, then this is perfect. If not, you can go more modern with your finishes. Matte, gloss, and satin finishes are all a good choice for modern designs.

Simple Colors

In keeping with the functionality of everything, stick to simple color schemes. This is not the style to utilize fun, bold pops of color. Rather, keep it as simple as you can without it getting too boring.

Grey, white, black, and brown are your friends with this style. Use them as much as you’d like, so long as they go together. If you do still need a pop of color, stick to options like blue and red. These tend to blend in well with the overall style.

Function Over Form

With this style it helps to choose things for their function over their style. Or at least, you have to make it look like that’s what you’ve done.

In general, choosing the sturdier, more durable looking option will better suit this style of design. Try to avoid anything overly ornate, since that ventures into french country territory.

Variations of the Style

With any design, there are plenty of ways to blend it. Here are some ways you can take industrial style further by combining it with other trends.

Modern Industrial Farmhouse

Modern design is all about sleek simplicity. The less lines, detail, and color, the better.

This may not seem like the ideal thing to pair with industrial looks, but the two actually work well together.

This junction is largely due to the use of metal. Metal is one of the main hallmarks of industrial design. It also happens to look perfect with modern styles.

Darker metals are also ideal for this. Black, powder-coated steel, iron, and copper are all great for this look. The key is to make sure that they don’t have a textured finish. Shiny or matte is fine, so long as it still has that sleek, clean look.

Of course, metal alone does not an industrial style make. You’ll need to make sure that you’re sticking to that almost ulitarian feel. Anything reminiscent of pipes, rebar, concrete, and other industrial items is a good choice.

Rustic Industrial Farmhouse

For a more rustic vibe, incorporate more natural elements and some softer textures.

Wood, plants, and natural fibers are all hallmarks of rustic style. Use them liberally with materials like metal, to help blend these two styles together. You can also incorporate some traditional country or vintage aspects.

What’s great about this particular variation of industrial farmhouse, is that it’s the best of both styles. You’re getting all the traditional coziness of rustic style, along with the simplicity and functionality of industrial style.

Kitchen Inspiration

Good Industrial Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is a great example of how to blend modern and traditional elements together.

There are a lot of traditional, and even rustic touches throughout. The cabinets, for example, are an older style, and the backsplash is classic subway tiles. There’s also a lot of wood accents, with the island being the biggest example of this.

Those elements are all paired with plenty of modern, industrial elements. Things light fixtures, chairs, and the shelving all have a sleek look and plenty of metal. The range and hood, also look they belong in an actual industrial kitchen, rather than in a cozy home.

Together, all of these contrasting elements lead to a really gorgeous space. Those touches of modern and minimal, paired with the rustic and timeless, are perfect together.

However, it’s worth noting that this example is all about balance. The modern, traditional, and industrial influences are all harmonious. As such, there’s not as strong of an industrial feel.

In your own designs, adding more rustic and metal elements can help make the industrial aspects stand out more.

Get the Look in Your Kitchen

When designing your industrial kitchen, pay attention to materials first and foremost. Even with just a few subtle touches, your kitchen can undergo an industrial makeover. The key is to be smart about what you purchase.

Incorporating the right materials is the main point. Avoid plastics, glass, or anything delicate. Instead, metal, concrete, stone, and wood are all a better choice. Add these materials in wherever possible.

You also want things that look functional and sturdy. It helps if you get something inspired by manufacturing or construction. Although, even just simple metal elements are enough to help promote a more industrial feel.

Of course, not everyone has the option of completely renovating their kitchen. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to change your kitchen without having to redo it entirely.

If you’re on a budget, here are simple things you can switch out to revitalize your space:

  • Chairs (If you have an island or dining area in or near the kitchen)
  • Lighting
  • Cabinet Pulls
  • Shelving and/or hooks
  • Countertop containers, like utensil holders or spice jars

Even changing out small items like these can make a difference in your kitchen.

Industrial Farmhouse

Don’t be afraid to try out some industrial influences in your kitchen.

While the style is a little more rigid than others, there’s still plenty of room to be flexible. This style adapts easily to both modern and rustic looks, making it work for a variety of tastes.

With so much possibility, it’s easy to see why going industrial is a worthy style choice.

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