The Hammered Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink for Your Dream Kitchen

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If you want to do something different with your kitchen, consider a hammered stainless steel farmhouse sink. These unique options are the perfect way to make your kitchen stand out.

These options are different from any other type of sink, due to their interesting texture. Most other options are plain, or have typical fluted designs.

With these, you still get all the trendiness of having a farmhouse sink, just without the boring exterior. It’s also a durable and affordable material, which is better overall.

If you’re interested in this type of sink, check out our product recommendation and care guide below.

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What does hammered mean?

With sinks, this term refers to a design choice. The surface of these sinks is dented throughout, to create stylized divots. This pattern is generally repeated on both the exterior, as well as in the basin. Although, there are options that only have divots on the font.

The main point is that this creates texture. Visually, texture is important because it can keep a design from looking too uniform or plain. If you have a lot of similar colors or materials in a room, it can get pretty boring.

Changing up the textures or materials in a room is the perfect way to avoid that.

In this case, the texture that the divots create is perfect for rustic styles. It gives the metal an almost worn appearance, which is a good complement for the other elements of rustic design.

It’s also something that you can use in modern industrial designs. Because the main material is metal, it fits in perfectly with modern looks. And the divots give it that added roughness popular with industrial styles.

And if you don’t like the look of this metal, you can try out some alternative options as well. Copper is another good metal, that comes in orange as well as nickel.

32 Inch Hammered Stainless Steel Sink


Great Features

The main feature of this sink is obviously the added texture and design. In this case, the texture is actually done by hand. The divots are added in to the surface by hand, so each sink has its own character.

That’s a small detail, but for something like this, it’s very important. In this case, the texture is one of the driving reasons for purchase. Having one that’s done with care, makes all the difference.

The other main benefit of this sink is the large basin. In many cases, shoppers are purchasing farmhouse sinks not just for the aesthetic, but for the room they provide. You can soak, thaw, or wash large items easily with a deep basin.

Is that it comes with a matching disposal drain. In some cases, manufacturers will sell the sink basin and drains separate. With this set, you’re getting everything you need in one set, for one price.

Important Considerations

One potential downside to this sink is the higher gauge. The higher gauge indicates that the metal is thinner, rather than thicker. In this case, thinner metal can be detrimental, because it’s not as durable.

With thinner metals, there’s a greater chance of warping. Luckily, steel is already pretty sturdy, however this is still something to be aware of. Take extra precaution and avoid handling extremely hot or cold items in your sink.

The other concern with options like these, is that they have divots in the basin as well as on the surface. This means they require a little more effort to keep them clean.

Overall Recommendation

Although this option isn’t as budget friendly or durable as other metal ones, it does have its benefits.

The fact that it comes as a complete set is helpful. Having the basin and drain together saves you extra money and the effort it takes to find a suitable drain. Even if it is costly, you are getting all the essential pieces for installation.

The other great part of this option is the style. Its texture is created by hand, so you know you’re getting something unique.

The key is to consider what’s best for your kitchen. If you want durability over style, perhaps a different option would be better. But if you want something functional and aesthetically pleasing, this option is a great choice.

Maintenance and Care

One of the main concerns with this option is that the little divots can hold water. You don’t want to leave standing water in your sink basin. This can cause odors, and it’s also not good for the surface.

As such, it’s important to dry your sink regularly. You don’t have to dry it after ever use. Rather, check it at the end of the day and mop up any remaining water or liquids.

You also want to be extra careful not to leave any food waste in the basin, for the same reason. The divots will make it easier for build-up and stubborn stains to occur.

As for any metal option, clean it with gentle cleaners and non-abrasive scrubbers. This will help prevent scratches on the surface, which can lead to stains and odors. You’ll also want to be careful when washing sharp or heavy objects.

Overall, the key is routine, and gentle care. It will take a little more work than a standard option, however, the texture and design make it worth it.

Hammered Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Although they do take a little extra work, these sinks are a great way to change up your kitchen.

Their textured surfaces can create a lot of visual interest in a kitchen, which is important. Kitchens are most often made up of smooth surfaces. The countertops, cabinets, and appliances tend to be uniform in texture.

That really only leaves a few options for adding in some texture to break up that visual monotony. Purchasing a hammered element is the perfect way to do so. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a rustic one, these options can offer some much needed contrast.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to take care to clean the surface regularly. Water and residue can get stuck in the divots, which can cause stains and odors. As such, you’ll want to make sure that the basin is dry and clean at the end of each day.

Overall, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, it’s worth it. A hammered stainless steel farmhouse sink can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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