Rustic Hammered Copper Farm Sink Options

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Enjoy a cozy, rustic kitchen with a hammered copper farm sink. These rustic, vintage items are the ideal way to bring a traditional touch to your home.

Often, what draws people to this type of material and finish, is it’s unique look. The color is definitely different, with its burnished orange tones. There’s also plenty of fun texture, with all the little divots.

They look perfect with any sort of rustic, traditional, or country styles. However, due to the metal material and rough finish, they also look great with industrial styles.

You can also get them in a range of colors. If you don’t like the usual yellow-orange, try nickel instead. You can also go for an option that has a smooth face, instead of a textured one.

If you’re interested in these sinks, you check out these great product options below:

Black Copper Farmhouse Sink


This budget friendly option is a gorgeous choice.

One of the its main aesthetic benefits is that it’s hand-crafted. Craftsmen create the divots by hand, which means the pattern on your sink won’t match any other. With this option, you’re getting a unique, stand-out piece.

It’s also been coated with black lacquer to create an antique looking finish. However, the sink will continue to patina naturally over time.

A functional benefit of this option is that it comes with padding along the bottom. This padding protects the sink, and also provides sound dampening. It’s a small touch, but it makes a huge difference when you have a lot of flatware and plates to wash.

For anyone on a tight budget, it’s a viable option that comes with great, aesthetic value.

12 Gauge Copper Sink

twelve-gauge-copper-sinkFossil Blu

If you have room in your budget, this option is both functional and attractive.

One of the major issues with this type of metal is how soft it is. At higher gauges, this material is very susceptible to dents and other, similar issues.

Luckily, this option seeks to solve that issue. In order to do so, it’s made of 12-gauge metal. Although it sounds backwards, this means that this option is much thicker than the typical 16-gauge options. That’s because, with metal, the lower the gauge, the thicker the material.

A thicker metal is obviously more durable than a thinner one. For metals like this one, that are naturally soft, it’s an important feature. Unfortunately, it’s also a more expensive one.

The other downside to this is that this option is much heavier than others. You’ll need to be sure to install it correctly. This means that you’ll likely need to create some additional supports below the basin.

Apart from the thickness, this option comes with other, convenient additions. One such addition is the grid that it comes with. Placing the grid at the bottom of the basin is a great way to protect it from any accidental damage.

This option also comes with a matching disposal flange, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a matching one. And both the flange and grid are made to match the natural color of the basin, so they won’t stand out.

Overall, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quality option.

Textured Finishes

While texture is really great for design, it’s not always helpful for function.

The main issue with the little divots in this type of basin is that they can collect standing water and food debris. As such, maintaining a clean and dry basin is important.

You’ll want to clean it out regularly, using gentle cleaners and non-abrasive sponges. You also want to try and dry it regularly. When possible, don’t leave water in the basin overnight, or for longer periods of time.

Keeping up with regular drying and cleaning will help ensure a quality surface, free of stains and odors.

General Care and Maintenance

The important thing to keep in mind, is that this metal is softer than other popular options. That means that you need to treat it with additional care.

Be careful not to drop heavy pots or pans into the basin. Rather, place them carefully and be sure you’re not sliding them around. Always pick them up and place them back down if you’re trying to move them.

Additionally, be careful when handling sharp options. Knives, particularly serrated knives, can cause unintentional scratches. Take care when washing them, and avoid putting them directly on the surface of the basin.

To that end, purchasing a grid can be helpful. This creates a barrier between objects and the surface of the basin.

Caring for Copper

One of the major points about copper is that it naturally develops a patina over time. Patina is just a fancy term for the natural process of oxidation that the metal undergoes. As you expose this type of metal to air and water, it changes color.

Obviously, your sink is going to encounter healthy amounts of both air and water. There’s no way to prevent that. Thankfully, a patina is actually a desirable trait.

Rather than trying to remove it entirely, it’s much better to let small amounts develop over time. You’ll need to periodically clean the surface to make sure that not too much builds up. However, you don’t need to struggle to keep a spotless, shiny finish.

In order to help facilitate a nice patina, be sure to keep the basin and front as clean and as dry as possible between uses. Standing water can create issues, especially with textured options like these.

To remove a build-up of discoloration, you’ll want to use a specialty cleaner. If chemicals aren’t for you, there are also plenty of all-natural cleaning solutions you can use.

Finding Your Perfect Option

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s hard to be options like these. They have plenty of texture and color, making them an excellent complement to rustic or industrial designs.

If you want to add some visual interest to your kitchen, these options are the perfect place to start.

In addition to their aesthetic value, these options are also durable. With proper care, metal sinks will remain shiny and functional for years, if not decades.

There are, however, special considerations for certain kinds of metals.

In this case, remember that a little discoloration is often preferable! So don’t worry too much about the color changing.

Rather, focus on cleaning only food residue and similar issues. The gradual color change you’ll want to leave as just another enjoyable part of owning this type of material.

Try out a hammered copper farm sink and see what it can bring to your kitchen.

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