Gold Farmhouse Sink Options

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Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen without the price tag, by getting a gold farmhouse sink. These trendy options are an attractive way to brighten your space, without the luxury cost.

Metallic colors and materials have recently become popular in interior design, and for good reason. They’re modern, clean, and a great way to add a touch of glam to any space.

Check out our product recommendations to find the perfect gold apron sink for your kitchen.

We’ve also got everything you need to know about maintenance to make sure your sink stays pristine.

Gold Farmhouse Sink

If you’re interested in these fixtures, here’s what you need to know before you shop:

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Most options in this color choice are actually made of stainless steel. After all, luxury metals tend to be soft and heavy, which is what makes them great for jewelry.

Fixtures, not so much.

When it comes to shopping for metal fixtures, gauge is one of the important features you need to look for. Guage matters, because it tells you how thick the metal is.

Thicker metal means heavier, more durable fixtures. Thinner gauge means lighter, less durable fixtures. Of course, thicker metal will also cost more than thinner metal. Choose your option accordingly.

Sinks typically come in a range of 14 to 18 gauge, with 16 being the most common option. (Depending on where you shop, of course.) With metal, the lower the gauge, the thicker the product. So for a thicker fixture, you’ll want to go with a smaller gauge.

It’s also important to note that weight impacts installation.

The downside to thicker options is that they’re heavier, and require more support. That’s why a nice, middle ground option like this ideal. It’s got all the durability needed in a kitchen, without being too heavy for your counters and cabinets.

Color Choices

One of the highlights of these options is just how many color options you can find.

The typical color you look for in this metal is a really bright tone with a lot of yellow. This is the classic one that’s going to pair beautifully with white color schemes.

But this is far from your only option.

To get it in a darker shade, go for a brass option. Brass is very similar in color, it just has a slightly darker tone.

You can also go for an antiqued look. This look mimics a nice, aged patina by making the color a bit more brown.

For something brighter, you can go with copper instead. Copper has more of an orange tone, which pairs well with brown, blue, and darker color schemes.

(If you happen to like these options, you can also consider getting a Copper farmhouse sink . Unlike this metal, copper fixtures are actually made of copper.)


In addition to colors, there are a variety of finishes for metal sinks.

The most popular options are matte and shiny.

Shiny gives you that glam look, while matte provides a more sophisticated, modern touch.

For something in-between, try a brushed gold farmhouse sink.

A brushed finish is like a middle ground between shiny and matte. It still catches the light, but it still has that flat appearance that matte finishes have. It’s similar to the look of satin fabrics.


With any fixture purchase, regardless of materials, there are a few features you’ll need to consider.

The main one is how many basins you want.

Double basins are often preferable because of their functionality. They allow for more organization, which tends to make things easier in the kitchen.

Single basins have their benefits as well though. The single, large trough means you can wash and thaw larger items with ease. This is particularly helpful for washing items like pots or cookie sheets.

You can also consider getting an option that has some additional functionality. Workstation fixtures, for example, come with a lot of useful add-ons, like

How to Care for a Metal Sink

These fixtures are usually stainless steel that’s been treated to give it a different color. Because of that, you would care for it as you would any other stainless-steel option.

Here is an overview of some maintenance and cleaning suggestions:


The other major concern with metal is scratching. You want to avoid using super abrasive materials on your sink, such as scouring pads and steel wool. You also want to be careful when washing knives or other metal tableware.

For anyone who is naturally clumsy, you can help protect the basin with a grid or mat. These useful items provide an extra barrier in case you drop anything, or the utensils slide around.

They are an extra item you’ll have to keep clean, but they’re worth the effort. The longer you can keep your basin in perfect condition, the better.

Another concern is avoiding drastic temperature changes. By exposing metal to extreme temperatures, you can cause it warp. But as long as you’re not taking something directly out of the oven and putting in your sink, you should be fine.

Again, a mat can help protect with this. Certain silicone options are capable of withstanding heat. That way, if you do accidentally place a hot item in the basin, you’ll have some protection in place.


As for cleaning, one thing that sets this option apart from other metal fixtures is it’s lighter color.

With the typical gray steel or dark bronze, a lot of stains aren’t going going to stand out much. (Excluding hard water stains, which would be more obvious.)

However, with a brighter color, stains are going to be more visible. To that end, make sure that you’re aware of your options for gentle cleaning.

You can use a grease cutting dish soap for oil-based stains. For more stubborn issues, baking soda and vinegar are good options.

Just remember not to try and scrub with abrasive materials. Anything that feels rough on skin has a chance of imparting small scratches on the surface of the basin. 

Stick to soft sponges or microfiber towels when possible. These have some scrubbing power, without being too abrasive.

Designing Your Kitchen

Apart from the practical concerns of these fixtures, you also need to consider their aesthetics.

Fixtures are a large part of any kitchen. As such, they’re also going to be a large part of your design. It’s important to keep that in mind, and

Here are some basic styling suggestions to help you design your ideal kitchen:


What makes this option great is the color that it provides. Metal fixtures are usually just done in grey or black steel tones.

While those options work for plenty of color schemes and designs, they may not always be the best choice. They tend to add an overall darker look to a color scheme.

The great thing about metallic colors is that they offer a pop of brightness into the design. They’re lighter in color, which means they’re perfect for making a kitchen look brighter.

This is important for smaller kitchens, or kitchens that don’t have a lot of natural light. With these types of kitchens, you’re going to need to use a lot of white in the design. Throwing in a white sink on top of that can make the design too boring and monotonous.

However, you don’t want to a dark sink in that scenario either. Having a large item in a dark color will ruin the effect of the color scheme. Instead, using a bright metallic option allows you keep all of the light in the design, while still creating contrast.

Of course, you can also use precious metals like this to add contrast to darker color schemes. Pairing them with matching fixtures, like a faucet and cabinet pulls, provides the perfect complement to black and dark blue.


Texture tends to be overlooked, but it’s an important part of designing a space. In fact, with monochromatic or minimalist spaces, texture can be the most important feature.

It helps to think of texture a bit like color. You don’t want only one texture to dominate the space. Instead, use contrasting or complementary textures, to help keep the design interesting.

For these fixtures in particular, metal tends to be hard and smooth. (The exception would be hammered metal, which has a rough texture.)

Unfortunately, both of these textures tend to be dominate in kitchens. So you’ll want to focus on providing some contrast.

One option is to incorporate rough textures. Things like brick or unfinished wood will contrast the smoothness of the metal.

If those are too rustic for you, anything with a raised surface will also work. For example, you can choose a nice embossed tile.

For more contrast, you can also include some soft touches. Again, wood is a good choice Although wood is also hard, it still works to soften up the appearance of metal.

Another easy option is to add in some fabric elements. Dish towels are a great choice, since you’ll likely be using these anyway. You can also consider a decorative rug.

(Just be careful with rug placement. You don’t want to put it in a spot where you risk tripping while cooking.)

Kitchen with Gold Sink Inspiration

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out these great examples. They can help you visual what colors and styles will work with your fixture.

A Rustic Look

This is a great example of using contrasting textures. The wood floor and exposed brick help to complement the otherwise smooth space.

Though most of the space is modern, these elements also give it a cozy, rustic touch.

The fixture also provides some nice contrast for the majority white color scheme. Adding in some similarly toned items in the rest of the space would provide the perfect finishing touch.

A Modern Look

This example shows the importance of accent pecies.

Since it’s a modern design, the space has a lot of hard, smooth surfaces. Of course, that includes the fixtures.

To help soften that, they include a lot of plants. These give the space a more natural, welcoming feel.

It helps that the open window displays all the plants outside. This makes it look like the plants are actually carrying over, into the kitchen.

It’s a visual trick that allows the space to almost seem like it’s a part of the nature outside. It’s the prefect way to enjoy a modern, minimal space, without having it seem too austere.

In your own space, plants can also make a great accent. They’re the perfect contrast for modern looks, and a nice complement to rustic looks. And you don’t even have to use real plants! Fake plants work just as well.

If plants, real or fake, aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Anything with a softer texture will help to add some needed contrast. The point is to use your accent pieces to complete the design of your space.

A Metallic Look

This example shows how stunning metallic accents can be.

They use a variety of yellow metals throughout, most notably in the cabinet design. All these small touches blend together, to create some gorgeous contrast. They also helps to brighten up the dark color scheme.

The other key thing in this space is the utilization of varying textural elements.

In this case, they use a hammered metal fixture, for a more industrial vibe. But they also have the rough-textured, metallic backsplash.

Both of these elements help to contrast the smooth, matte finish of cabinets and faucet.

A Colorful Look

This example shows how this color makes a great complement to colorful spaces.

The contrast here, between the two primary colors, is really bold and lively. They paired that with some simple, white countertops and backsplash, to ensure that the color scheme wasn’t too overwhelming. 

This shows that you don’t have to be afraid of color. You can absolutely create a bright, vibrant space, if that’s your tastes. Just make sure you’re doing it in a way that makes sense for your space.

Choosing Your Ideal Fixtures

When it comes to appliances like these, the key is to make sure you have something that you enjoy. If you purchase something durable and care for it correctly, it can easily be in your kitchen for over a decade.

Metallic options are a nice option due to their aesthetics, however they also tend to be cheap and durable. And although metallic options are seen as trendy, the modern industrial look that they provide is a classic.

If you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen, consider adding in a gold farmhouse sink for a bright, luxurious touch.

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