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Farmhouse Style Kitchen on a Budget

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Want a trendy kitchen but don’t have the funds for a full remodel? Don’t worry! It’s easy to get a farmhouse style kitchen on a budget.

The key is to focus on the aspects of farmhouse kitchen design that are easy for you to change.

There are plenty of drastic things that you can do, from updating appliances to replacing countertops. However, you don’t have to take things that far if you don’t want to. Even something as small as changing up a few decorations can make a big difference.

If you’re interested in trying out this style for less, here’s what you need to know:

Hallmarks of this Style

The most important aspects of this style are the airy, open spaces, and traditional elements.

The style is based off of the actual homes that existed on farms across America, back in the day. Adapted for modern times, it tends to favor simple color schemes of white and black, with lots of natural light.

A lot of the decor and design is based in traditional, country, or even primitive aesthetics. In that sense, it tends to favor things that lean vintage or rustic.

But don’t worry if you favor more current looks. There are plenty of ways to make this style fit more modern, minimalist sensibilities. And you can also take it in more of an industrial direction.

Really, there’s something about this style that appeals to just about everyone. That’s what makes it such a popular choice.

For more detailed information, check out any of our helpful design guides.

A Money Saving Renovation

Unfortunately, a complete kitchen redesign is going to cost you some money. Inevitably, renovations get pricey. There’s too many materials you have to buy, plus the cost of having a contractor install everything.

But there’s a surprising amount that you can do on your own, without the need for a professional. A lot of options are also super cheap.

Here are some features that are easy and inexpensive to change in any space:


It’s unfortunate that right before this style became trendy, dark kitchens were the rage. Any sort of brown, earthy tone was preferable. Especially if you paired it with black or other browns.

If you’re kitchen is still stuck in this previous trend, it can be difficult to adapt. After all, a farmhouse kitchen is all about white or light colors, with an open feeling.

Your best option is to try and change the paint up, which takes some commitment.

Painting the walls is one option. If you have brown toned walls, painting them white or a light off-white color is an easy, at-home project. Brush up on the proper methods, and you’re good to go.

The other easy thing you can paint, is your cabinets. Painting you cabinets a lighter color will make the most dramatic change, but it’s a large project. It’s not as easy as painting walls, and you may have quite a bit of work to do, depending on the size of your kitchen.

However, this is still a project that plenty of homeowners do without the aid of a professional. There’s a ton of resources to help you, so check some out to see if this option is right for you.

Here’s one tutorial that gives you a basic overview of the whole process:

Overall, changing up the wall color and cabinet doors is going to give you a dramatic transformation. If you can do it yourself, at home, it’s not really that expensive either.

The largest purchase for this option will be the paint, which tends to run anywhere from $10-$30. However, even for larger kitchens, you won’t need to buy more than two or three cans.


One much simpler DIY project, is to change the hardware on your cabinets. In this case, hardware refers to the the pulls that allow you to open drawers and cabinets.

In most cases, changing these out is a simple matter of unscrewing them from inside the drawer. Then you just screw in the new pulls. As long as your new pulls match the size of the old ones, it’s easy. You won’t even have to drill any holes or anything.

The most popular types of pulls for this style are the square bar, cup, and T-pull options. These pulls have that perfect blend of traditional and modern. But there are plenty of other options that you can choose from.


There are also a ton of rustic or aged looking options, if you want something more primitive or industrial.

In terms of price, you’ll be paying anywhere from $15-$30 for a pack. Most packs come with ten, although that number does vary. How many packs you need depends on your kitchen, but most will require at least 2.

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Overall, these can make a noticeable difference in your kitchen, but the change won’t be that dramatic. You’ll also need to consider which options fit best with your current cabinets.

As such, hardware changes are most effective when used with other methods. However, it’s still a relatively inexpensive, and super easy way to update your space.


New decor is the best way to change up your space. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to buy a bunch of knick-knacks to put on your counter. Rather, think about function first.

There’s plenty of functional decor items that are both useful, and stylish. Some popular options include: towels, curtains, utensil holders, jars and spice racks, trivets, and cutting boards. Other options are things like bread boxes, storage racks, and coffee bars.


As you can see, there’s a surprising amount of items that you can display in a kitchen. And all of the items listed above have an important purpose, be it storage or organization.

When looking for the style of decor to get, keep it traditional. Go with materials like ceramics, galvanized metal and wood. (Keep in mind, nothing has to be the genuine article. Save money and go with fake materials where necessary.)

For fabric items, stick to cotton, linen, and burlap. These fabrics are commonly associated with this style. Their rough texture is also a great way to add a more rustic look.

For a pop of color, you can go with a traditional patterns like gingham and buffalo check. Things like country style floral patterns and vintage images also work.

In terms of price, this option can get pricey depending on the quality and quantity of the items you buy. Basic things like towels, jars, and utensil holders are all fairly cheap. Whereas genuine ceramics, and certain wooden items will cost you more.

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With this in mind, shop for what your budget will allow. You many not be able to do a full coffee bar at the moment, but you can certainly replace your curtains and get a set of glass jars.

All told, changing up your decor is a crucial part of any renovation. Even subtle touches, with just a few items, can transform your space. And with some proper planning and shopping, you can find plenty of cheap, stylish decor.

The Classic Farmhouse Sink

Is it really a farmhouse kitchen without the farmhouse sink? The short answer is yes, but if can work in a new sink, it’s worth considering.

These sinks are synonymous with the style, and not just because of the name. They’re meant to mimic the style of sink that was used back in the day, on actual farms. Much like farmhouse style itself, these options with their deep basins and visible fronts, look very traditional.

Thankfully, these modern options come in a wider range of styles than their older counterparts.

If you want something more modern or industrial, composite stone options, like granite or quartz, are all good options. These come in a wider range of colors than other options, including black and grey.

You can also go for metal options like stainless steel or copper. Stainless steel, in particular, provides a lot of different color choices, including black and gold. Any of those options would be perfect for anyone who leans more industrial, or minimal with their design.

For people who prefer more country or traditional styles, a traditional white sink is probably the best choice. White sinks come in a variety of materials, although the options like cast iron and porcelain are preferable.

In terms of price, these sinks tend to range anywhere from just over $200 to over $1000, depending on the material.

On the cheaper end, stainless steel, Fireclay, and composite are your best choices. Cast iron, porcelain, and real copper sinks are the most expensive ones.

Of course, the upfront cost of any sink doesn’t include installation fees. There are also other considerations, like drainage flaps and faucets.

Overall, that means a new sink is quite the investment. So if you don’t want to bother choosing and styling a new sink, don’t.

These sinks can certainly transform your space, and do offer a lot of styling potential. But they aren’t necessary.

While there are budget friendly options available, this is still likely to be an expensive purchase. As such, it’s best to spend your money elsewhere first, and then see if you can also accommodate these fixtures.

If you can’t, you can also consider getting a new faucet as an alternative. Since most modern sinks are undermount, you don’t really see them anyway.

As such, getting an industrial looking bronze faucet, or a traditional country style one, will work. Plus, these are much cheaper alternatives. Some faucets are pricey, but you can get cheaper options for around twenty dollars.

Regardless, there’s a lot of room for change when it comes to sinks. Take a look at your current fixtures, and see what you might want to do.


It’s very common to decorate walls when it comes to this style. You’ll see plenty of wall art and gallery walls in homes.

For your kitchen, one way to utilize this trend is to update your shelving options. To do this, all you have to do is install one or more shelves at any empty space on your walls.

You can utilize the wall space just outside your kitchen to put your shelves. Other good places include between shelves, above the sink, or around windows.

And while this option updates your style, it’s also very functional. In addition to decor, you can use them to store tableware, utensils, and extra pantry essentials. You can also use them for things like houseplants and herb gardens.


For style, you can go with just about any style you want. However, simple, clean options, like floating shelves are the most popular.

Material-wise, wood is the most common choice. You can use just about any stain or finish and have it fit.

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Darker stains are better if you want a more rustic look. Lighter stains are a little more modern, and better for smaller kitchens. And wooden shelves with metal supports are perfect for anyone who prefers industrial style.

Certain wooden options can get expensive though, so purchase fake wood where possible. You can also go with other materials, so long as you stick to simple shapes and light colors.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

A full renovation or redesign of a kitchen can get pretty pricey. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can transform your kitchen for less.

And while you can do more if you happen to have a little crafting knowledge, it’s not required. You can still do quite a lot with some simple changes throughout.

The cheapest method is to make multiple, small changes. Switching up your decor and hardware, and adding shelves, will get you the most bang for your buck. Plus, it’s a fun way to keep things fresh and updated.

For a much more drastic change, try your hand at a DIY home project. Painting your walls and/ or cabinets in lighter colors is the perfect farmhouse touch. It’s also an easy way to make a smaller kitchen look larger.

Overall, it’s not that difficult to update your space. With the right planing and purchases, you can get a farmhouse style kitchen on a budget.

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