Farmhouse Sink with Workstation

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If your kitchen is all about function, try a farmhouse sink with workstation. These options come with all the accessories you need in a kitchen, while still looking amazing.

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What is a Farmhouse Sink with Workstation?

If you’re confused about this concept, it can help to think of these fixtures as regular sinks. They’re installed the same way, and have the same general features. The difference is that these just come with a lot of accessories.

These accessories usually sit on a ledge inside the basin, so you can position them over top. (Hence why they’re sometimes referred to as a farmhouse sink with ledge.) They’re designed to save counter space, and to make prep-work more convenient.

Here’s a video to show you how it works:

Workstation Sink Accessories

Here are the accessories you tend to see when shopping for these fixtures. You can click on each one to find out more about their individual benefits.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, of course. Different manufacturers provide different accessories; however, these are the ones you see most commonly.

Obviously, not every fixture comes with the same accessories either. Some will come with two, others with five or more. It really depends.

There’s enough variety that you should be able to find a set that works for your specific needs.

And if there’s a particular accessory you want but can’t find, don’t worry. There are plenty of individual options that you can purchase.

For example, stand alone sink caddies or sink organizers are cheap and easy to find.

Best Workstation Kitchen Sink

If you’re interested in these fixtures, check out these great product options. You can also scroll below to find out more information about the benefits and downsides to owning one.

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink with Workstation

Fireclay is a popular material due to its price and versatility.

It’s a cheaper alternative to materials like porcelain and cast iron. However, it’s sill durable, and offers a wide selection of styles.

BOCCHI 1344-001-0120 Contempo Workstation Apron Front Step Rim Fireclay 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Accessories in WhiteCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONBOCCHI 1505-004-0120 Contempo Workstation Apron Front Step Rim Fireclay 36 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Accessories in Matte BlackCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


The downside to this material is that you’ll have to be careful with any metal accessories. Metal can scratch the coating, which can lead to discoloration.

But as long as you’re using caution, or accessories like protective mats, you fixtures should be fine. And it’s still a durable, affordable alternative to other stone or clay options.

Stainless Steel Workstation Sink

The benefit of stainless steel is that it’s durable. This material is a great if you plan on using your fixtures heavily.

You’ll also have less issues with using your metal accessories. They can still create scratches, but the damage won’t be the same as it would with a stone or clay option.

30 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Black-VASOYO 30 Inch Matte Black Flat Apron Front Kitchen Sink Workstation 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Farm Sink Single BowlCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONKraus KWF210-33 Kore Workstation 16 Gauge Farmhouse Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Integrated Ledge and Accessories (Pack of 5), 33 Inch Rounded Apron FrontCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


The other benefit of this material is that you have a lot more options. Most fixtures of this type are done in stainless steel. That means you can find a wide selection of sizes, prices, and also accessories.

Stainless steel is another good affordable option as well. Most of the cheapest options for this type of fixture will be made of this material.

White Farmhouse Sink with Accessories

If you’re more concerned about aesthetics as opposed to materials, a white fixture is always a good choice.

Kraus KGF1-33White Bellucci 33-inch CeramTek Granite Quartz Composite Farmhouse Flat Apron Front Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Cutting Board, 33 Inch, WhiteCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON30 Farmhouse Sink White-VASOYO 30 Inch Kitchen Sink White Apron Front Ceramic Porcelain Single Bowl Reversible Fireclay Farm SinkCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


These provide you with that classic, modern farmhouse that’s very trendy. Of course, you can also pair them with numerous other styles as well, due to their simplicity.

The more practical benefit of this color is that it reflects light. Because of that, installing one can actually help to make your kitchen look larger and brighter.

Double Bowl Workstation Sink

For even more organization, you can try a double basin sink with ledge.

There are a lot of benefits to double basin sinks, the main one being that they offer more space. With these, you can have dedicated areas for dirty dishes and washing.

33 Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl - Lordear 33 Inch Kitchen Sink Apron Front Ledge Workstation Low Divide Double Bowl 60/40 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Farm Kitchen SinkCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONElkay SWUF3320WH Fireclay 60/40 Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink with Aqua Divide, WhiteCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


These options are also the best choice if you plan on having a garbage disposal. With these, you can have one side that drains to a disposal, and one side that has a regular drain.

The downside is that you can’t wash larger items, like cookie sheets. However, the added organization is a worthwhile trade off in some cases.

Benefits of These Fixtures

The main benefit of these fixtures is the added functionality.

As previously mentioned, the accessories included are usually designed to save you counter space and make prep-work easier.

This seems like a minor benefit, but think about how much work goes into prepping foods. Washing them requires a strainer, which usually makes a mess since it’s large and has to drain out. Cutting boards are easier to handle, but they take up space and allow messy, wet foods to spill.

And then both of these items wind up in the sink anyway, since you have to wash them.

Having them as removable options over the basin is much more convenient. You can wash and air-dry everything in the same space. And any mess you make will just be going down into the basin anyway.

Plus, when you’re done cooking, these accessories can be washed and dried in place. You don’t have to fuss with hand washing large strainers or boards.

You can use accessories for other purposes too, including air-drying hand washed dishes and organizing sink necessities.

Overall, it saves you time and effort during prep, and during clean-up. So it’s a convenient way to make the complicated process of cooking easier.

Downsides of These Fixtures

Unfortunately, for all their convenience, there are some inconveniences that come with these fixtures as well.

The main one is that the accessories take up space. Although they are saving you counter space, they’re still taking up room in the basin. That can get annoying when you have to pile up a lot of dishes, or wash larger items.

Plus, when you’re not using them, or when you need to move them, these accessories will have to be stored. That means taking up space in a shelf or cabinet somewhere.

The other issue is the cleaning. Yes, these do save you time and energy cleaning, since they can be washed and dried in the basin. However, it’s still an added item that you’ll need to wash an maintain.

Since they can get wet as you regularly use your fixtures, you’ll have to make sure they’re air drying properly. If they don’t ever dry out, they can start building up odors and bacteria.

And lastly, there is an aesthetic concern to raise as well. These fixtures come in a much more limited selection of styles, colors, and materials. While the way your fixtures look may not be the most important consideration, it’s still worth noting.

If you have your heart set on a particular look, you may have to make some sacrifices.

Are Workstation Sinks Worth It?

With the benefits and downsides explained, you may be wondering if these fixtures are worth considering.

The short answer is yes. They come with a lot of useful additions, and they add a lot of functional workspace to your kitchen. Plus, depending on the material, they’re not that much more expensive.

In general, these tend to cost the same as any other mid-range option. Some stainless-steel options actually run cheaper than comparable, name-brand options, that don’t have accessories.

The only time that price would really exclude these options is if you’re on an exceptionally tight budget. If that’s the case, you’d be better off getting a plain, single basin fixture. With these, you can find option for around two hundred dollars.

If your budget has more room, then there’s no reason not to consider these options. They cost less or about the same as plain fixtures, and you’re getting a lot more in return.

So what this question really comes down to is the accessories. Before you buy, you need to consider whether or not you’ll actually use them.

Here’s a great review of one option, to help you make your decision:

If you feel like those features aren’t going to help you, then don’t purchase one. You can find cheaper single basin options that will work fine. They’ll also come in a wider selection of colors and styles.

And if you really want a particular accessory, you can always by an over the sink option separately. While it’s not quite the same, it will still work.

But if you want that functionality, then these options are hard to beat. The accessories they come with can absolutely make prep work easier for you. They can help you save counter space as well, which is ideal for smaller kitchens.

And there’s no glaring downside to owning one, apart from having the extra additions to maintain and store.

Overall, a farmhouse sink with workstation is the perfect way to get more from your fixtures.

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