Farmhouse Sink with Two Drains

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Get a functional fixture with a farmhouse sink with two drains. These options are perfect for keeping your dishwashing as neat and organized as possible.

What is this Feature?

This feature is exactly what is sounds like. It’s a farmhouse sink that has openings for one regular drain, and one garbage disposal.

When looking for this type of feature, your only option is a double basin sink. These naturally come with two openings since there has to be one for each basin.


There aren’t really any single basin options with more than opening. It just doesn’t make sense to manufacture them that way.

The exception to this would be a single basin option with a removable divider. However, these fixtures are extremely uncommon. It’s best not to set your hopes on purchasing one.

Fixture Options

If you’re looking for this type of fixture, here are some options to consider. If you want to learn more, continue below for the benefits and downsides to these fixtures.

Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

ALWEN 33 inch Fireclay Farmhouse Double Basin Apron-Front Kitchen Sink, White Fireclay Reversible Kitchen Sink with 2 Stainless Steel Grid and 2 DrainsCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONMSFC6040PLN 33-in 60/40 Double Bowl Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink …CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


For something more affordable, fireclay is a great choice.

The other benefit of this material is that it comes in a variety of styles.

If you want something with a little country charm, a fluted option is a great choice. You can also find options with more decorative patterns on front.

For something more modern, you can choose an option with a sleek, flat finish. These still work with traditional styles, of course, but they have a great modern, minimal appeal as well.

With this material, you can also find a wider selection of colors. While white is the most popular, there are a few different options to choose from. Blue, black, grey, and cream all popular choices. But on occasion, you can find something bolder like red.

36 Inch Double Basin Farmhouse Sink

36 Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl - Lordear 36 inch Kitchen Sink Apron Front Gunmetal Matte Black 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Double Bowl 50/50 Farm Kitchen SinkCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Sink 60/40 (36-Inch Curved Apron Front)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


If you’re looking for a particular size, a 36-inch sink is a good choice.

It’s large enough that the divider isn’t as much of a hinderance. (This is particularly true if you go with a deeper option.) Overall it’s enough room for tasks that need more space.

However, all that added length also makes installation more of pain. Keep that in mind if you plan on doing the installation yourself.

Other Options

Double Farmhouse Sink - Kichae 33CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONBlack Stainless Steel Farm Sink - Sarlai 33 inch Farmhouse Sink Gunmetal Matte Black Double Bowl 50/50 Kitchen Sink Apron Front 16 Gauge Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Double Sink BasinCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Of course, fireclay is not the only material available. Here are some other great choices:

Stainless steel, in particular, is a good choice. It’s among the cheapest materials available, but it’s still durable.

Plus, like fireclay, it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Benefits of this Feature

Having two basins is helpful, mainly for organizational purposes.

With two distinct basins, you can keep your dishwashing more orderly. For example, you can separate by types of dishes, how clean they are, etc. You can also keep one basin free for things like washing, thawing, or cleaning.

It’s an added convenience for a fixture that sees a lot of use in any kitchen.

In terms of having two separate drains, there’s no major benefit to this. All it means is one will have a garbage disposal, and the other will not.

If you have a specific reason for needing this set up, then these fixtures are your best bet. If not, it’s not something that needs to be a major factor in your decision.

Downsides of this Feature

One of the main selling points of apron front sinks, besides the aesthetics, is the room that they provide. Single basin options are huge.

You can wash just about any pot, pan, or cookie sheet, in addition to things that aren’t kitchen related. (Common uses include washing boots, pets, small rugs, etc.)

Having a double basin literally cuts that room in half. Because of the divider in the middle, you’re limited to whatever can fit in half of the basin.

One way around this is to get a 60/40 option. These aren’t split down the middle, so you get one large basin and one small one. The larger basin will still be smaller than a single basin option. However, this does give you more room to work with than a standard 50/50 option.

The other downside is that installation can be a bit more complicated. You have to hook plumbing up to two separate spots. It’s tricky to get it right if you’re not familiar with the process.

Sometimes Two is Better than One

While single basin fixtures come with their own benefits and conveniences, for many, it’s hard to beat two basins. The added organization is oftentimes necessary, especially in a busy or crowded kitchen.

And while it does limit the amount of space in the basin, there are ways around that. For example, you can go with a sixty forty basin, or just get a lengthier and deeper option. Both help to increase the space you’re working with, despite the divider.

Luckily, there’s a variety of options available. You can even find budget friendly options with materials like fireclay and stainless steel.

So fi you’re looking to upgrade your fixtures, consider these options. A farmhouse sink with two drains is a great choice for any kitchen.

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