Farmhouse Sink with Low Divider Options that are Super Functional

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If you can’t decide between one basin or two, try a farmhouse sink with low divider. These options are the perfect blend of single and double basin fixtures.

What is This Feature?

This feature is unique to farmhouse sinks that have two basins. Unlike single basin options, these fixtures are split into two, with a partition between them. Each side has a separate drain, with one side being dedicated to a garbage disposal.

Usually, that partition reaches up to the top of the fixture. This keeps both sides divided completely.

However, there are other options. With low divide sinks, the divider sits closer to the bottom, or it has a section that sits lower than the rest.

This allows water to pass through, as opposed to them being two, completely separate basins.

What is the advantage of a low divide sink?

The reason this feature is desirable is because it gives you the benefits of both single and double basins.

Single basin options are favored for the amount of space they offer. Without the partition in the middle, you can soak, thaw, or wash larger items easily. You can also add in a basin insert or partition, if needed.

On the other hand, double basin options are favored for the extra organization they provide. With these options, you have separate areas to thaw, wash, soak, prep or whatever else you need to do. The downside is, you’re more limited on space.

However, with a double basin that has a shorter partition, you get the best of both options. With these, you still have two separate basins. The difference is that the partition allows water to flow into both basins.

That means you can still fill the whole basin with water, as if you had a single basin. It’s also easier to wash or soak larger items that you wouldn’t be able to with a taller partition.

Different Partition Options

When shopping for this type of fixture, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of variety in the height of the partitions. Some are almost flush, while others are close to the bottom of the basin.

Which one you want really depends on how you’ll use the basins. If you don’t soak or thaw larger items, getting a taller partition is fine. It still allows water to pass through, but it’s better for organization.

If you know you’ll be filling the whole basin with water, get a shorter partition. This will make it easier to utilize the basin as if it was a single and not a double.

It also helps to consider what you dislike about your current fixture. Replacing your sink is a chance to improve it according to your particular tastes and needs. So consider what sort of functionality you prefer, and choose accordingly.

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Material Selection

Since this feature comes in a wide range of options, it’s important to know which ones are best for you.

In terms of materials, it’s hard to go wrong. Most options will be durable and functional, however there are a two key differences.

The first main difference is price. Options made of materials like stainless steel and fireclay are going to be the most budget friendly. However, they’re still quality options.

Other materials, like composite and cast iron, will cost you substantially more.

The second difference is maintenance. Of the materials, stainless steel is probably the easiest to keep clean. As long as you’re careful not to scratch the basin, you won’t have to worry too much.

The other materials require a lot more care. That’s because the lighter range of colors picks up stains and discoloration easily.

Composite in particular, requires a lot of care to prevent stains.

However, these other materials are your only options if you want certain colors or decorative touches. If you’re dead set on white, these are the materials to choose.

They’re also better if you want a bolder option, like black or blue.

Are Low Divide Sinks Good?

When it comes to larger fixtures, choosing the right one can be tricky. There are aesthetic and budget concerns of course, but function is also a huge issue.

A fixture like this one needs to be able to facilitate all the various tasks you undergo in the kitchen. If you’re someone who likes to cook, that’s a tall order.

There’s plenty of thawing, washing, prepping, and soaking that goes along with making meals. And your fixtures should be there to make everything easier.

That’s where features like shorter partitions come in. They provide flexibility, by giving you the benefits of two very different fixtures in one. You get all the space of a single basin, with all of the organization of a double basin. It’s perfect if you need something functional, or if you’re just indecisive.

If you’re interested in a kitchen update, try a farmhouse sink with low divider and get more from your fixtures.

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