Farmhouse Sink with Faucet Holes

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Make installing your new fixtures easier with a farmhouse sink with faucet holes. These stylish and functional fixtures are a great choice for any space.

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What is a Farmhouse Sink with Faucet Holes?

If you’re familiar with farmhouse sinks, you know that they’re usually a plain basin, finished on all sides. They look a bit like a square tub, or an empty box.

This allows them to be installed with either side facing outward. That’s why there are even reversible options, with different designs on each face.

However, that’s not the only type of fixture available.

One major difference is whether or not in includes a rim or a lip. Self-rimming options, as they’re known, include a rim around the edges that covers the countertops when installed. This makes installation easier, since you don’t have to finish the edges of the countertops.

For some options that come with this feature, they include holes in the tab along the back. These are known as faucet holes, since they allow for you to place the faucet in them without issue.

Typically, since farm fixtures don’t cover the counter tops, you don’t actually need this feature. The holes will be directly drilled into the countertop, without interfering with installation.

However, for self-rimming options, it makes things much easier. Since the holes are already placed into the rim, lining everything up is easy.

Different Options

You’ll notice that most options are actually apron front sinks with faucet holes. These options look the same as a farm style fixture, but they’re not finished on all sides.

There’s also a range of materials and fixture types you can choose from:


KOHLER K-6546-4U-0 Dickinson Apron-Front, Undercounter Kitchen Sink, WhiteCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Porcelain is a great material because of how durable it is. As long as you’re taking care of it, porcelain will remain in working condition.

It also has the benefit of coming in multiple colors. For any option, be sure to see if it’s available in any other shades. Popular ones are black, grey, tan, and blue.

3 Hole Farmhouse Sink

KOHLER Vault Double Bowl 18-Gauge Stainless Steel Farmhouse Apron Front Three Faucet Hole Kitchen Sink, Top-mount Drop-in Installation K-3944-3-NACHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


This stainless-steel option is a good choice if you’re looking for something durable and budget friendly. The downside is that they have less range when it comes to color and style.

They are, however, much lighter than porcelain and other, similar materials. That makes their installation easy.

2 Hole Farmhouse Sink

Luckyhorse 28 inch Black Apron Sink Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Workstation Rounded Edges 2 Holes and Black NANO Accessories,16 Gauge Deep Matte Black Stainless Steel Sinks for Kitchens.LH008SCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Options like these are great if you want something functional. They come with plenty of accessories, like bins and cutting boards.

You can also simply remove the accessories, if you find that they get in your way. However, they can make certain aspects of dishwashing and cooking prep easier. As such, they’re worth trying out.

Benefits of This Feature

The main benefit of this feature is really the installation.

Most options with this feature are top mount, or drop in farmhouse sinks. That means all you have to do is settle them in place over the countertops, and secure them.

Most other farm style fixtures are undermount, which means you have to go in from under the countertops to secure them. You also have to finish the countertops, since their edges will be visible.

With self-trimming options like these, you don’t have to fuss with any of that.

Plus, since the holes are already there, it’s easy to line up the plumbing. You’ll know exactly where you need to drill through the countertops.

That said, you can still install most of these options as undermounts, if you want. However, most people like to have the rim visible for a number of reasons.


This does create some limitations for installation. There’s a definite face to these options, since the back, and possibly sides, include the extra lip. Because of that, you’re not going to find a reversible option.

In addition to that, the selection available doesn’t include a lot of colors or materials.

It’s rare to see this feature with materials like fireclay or porcelain. So if you’re set on that traditional white farm sink look, you may need to forget this feature.

Most fixtures with this features are done in stainless steel. That limits the number of colors and styles you have to choose from.

Simple Fixtures

Replacing your fixtures can be a taxing process. It requires a lot of work, time, and not to mention effort, to get them installed.

Fixtures like these, that can help make that process smoother, are a great choice.

There are a few different materials available for this style as well. Porcelain is durable, and comes with a range of colors. Stainless steel is also durable, but usually more budget friendly.

Another feature to pay attention to is the number of holes. Options usually come with two to three. When selecting, make sure you’re picking one that matches your desired plumbing set up.

Either way, a farmhouse sink with faucet holes make a great choice for any kitchen.

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