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Keep your fixtures looking brand new with a farmhouse sink protector. These mats are the perfect way to ensure a clean, spotless basin.

Sink Protector for Farmhouse Sink

Sink protectors are essentially plastic or silicone mats that sit along the bottom, or over the divider, of the basin. These farmhouse sink accessories are designed to keep materials like fireclay, enamel coatings, or stone safe.

It may seem like overkill to lay a mat over the surface of what are fairly durable materials. However, there are a lot of good reasons to use these accessories and other.

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Or, check out our guide below for all you need to know about these helpful mats:

What to Look For

There are a wide range of options, even for simple accessories like these. Because of that, it helps to know what you need before you shop.

Here is an overview of some important things to look out for:


The first, most important factor would have to be the size of your sink. For single basin sinks, this is particularly important, since you have to cover a much larger area. You want to make sure you’re getting an option that can cover the entire bottom surface, so take careful measurements.

If you’re not confident in your measurements, you can get an adjustable option.

These are not adjustable in a traditional sense. Rather, they’re made of soft plastic, so you can cut them to the appropriate size if needed.

Still, it’s convenient if you have an unusually shaped basin, or if you can’t find an exact match.


If you have a double basin fixture, there are a few extra considerations you’ll need to make.

With two basins, it’s important to get an option that comes with two mats. There are plenty of sets available, so it should be able to find one that will work for you.

You can also consider getting a three-piece set, for added protection. These come with an additional piece that you can fold over the sink divider.


For this particular accessory, plastic and silicone are the best options for materials. Both are durable and flexible. As previously mentioned, soft options can also be cut to match the shape and size of any basin.

Some are even anti-microbial, which is perfect since they’ll be facing constant exposure to water.

Silicone has the additional benefit of being heat resistant. (This may not be true for all silicone options though, so double check the product information.)

Best Farmhouse Sink Protector

If you’re interested in this accessory, check out these great options. They suit a range of fixtures and needs.

Plastic Farmhouse Sink Protector

iDesign 36800 Euro Plastic Sink Grid, Non-Skid Dish Protector Mat for Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Garage, 16CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONYolife Kitchen Sink Mats, Adjustable for Stainless steel/Porcelain Sink, Dishes and Glassware GREEN(2 Pack)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONRubbermaid Antimicrobial Sink Protector Mat, Small, Black WavesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


For a nice basic option, check out a plastic mat. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so they’re perfect for just about any fixture. And with so many different looks, you can find an option that is both functional and aesthetic.

These are also the options that are easiest to cut and adjust to your basin. Just make sure you’re getting an option that’s listed as adjustable, or that is made of soft plastic.

Farmhouse Silicone Sink Protector

OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Mat - LargeCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


If you want something a little more functional, consider getting a silicone option. These have all the benefits of plastic, with added heat resistant.

Since they’re less sensitive to heat, you can place hot dishes or pans in the basin without melting the mat. You can also run these mats through the dishwasher, for easier cleaning.

But keep in mind that not all options will have that feature. Just double check the product information to make sure that you have an option that can withstand heat.

Double Basin Options

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If you have a double basin fixture, consider getting a set for it. With three-piece sets, you can get a mat to cover the basin divider as well.

That way you don’t have to worry about chipping or staining on this portion of the basin either.

Of course, that means you’ll have another mat to take out and clean. If you don’t want the added maintenance, you can always get a two-piece set instead.

Large Farmhouse Sink Mat

If you need an extra large kitchen sink protector mat, don’t forget to measure your basin.

mDesign Adjustable Kitchen Sink Dish Drying Mat/Grid - Plastic Farmhouse Sink Protector, Cushions Sinks, Stemware, Wine Glasses, Dishes - Quick Draining Bubble Design - Extra Large, 25.2CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Most of the largest mats are around 25 inches in length, with varying widths. If you have a basin that’s slightly smaller than that, purchase an option that you can cut down to size.

Keep in mind, that you can also double up on smaller mats if you need too. Just lay them side by side in the bottom of the basin. This is a good option if you need a mat that is both wide and long.

Benefits Of Using a Mat

The main benefit of a mat is that it’s going to keep your fixtures in good condition, longer. This is important for lighter color fixtures, or fixtures that have enamel or other types of coatings.

For lighter color fixtures, one of the biggest concerns is staining. A mat can help prevent that by keeping food and dirt up above the bottom of the basin. That way you have less risk of any pigments or oils getting stuck there and causing discoloration.

For coated fixtures, a mat serves a similar purpose.

Coatings are put over materials like stone, composite, fireclay, and porcelain, to protect them from water damage. Unfortunately, these coatings are usually not as durable as the material beneath them.

The biggest threat to any sort of coating is chips and cracks that can occur when you’re handling sharp utensils. These seemingly minor imperfections in the surface of the basin can lead to stains and odors. If left unchecked, they can even cause damage to the material beneath.

A mat can help with that by creating a barrier between your dishes and the basin. That way your forks and knives aren’t scratching the surface every time you move them around.

Apart from your fixtures, there are a few other ways that a mat can help benefit you.

The extra layer can help protect more delicate tableware, like glass and crystal items. If you have a porcelain or stone fixture, items like these break very easily.

Having the mat on the bottom can help prevent that. Plastic provides a softer surface to absorb the force of a slip or drop.

Mats can also help dampen the sound of doing dishes. So if you’re tired of all the clanging and banging, consider purchasing one to lessen the noise.

Downsides of Using a Mat

The biggest downside to these is the extra maintenance that they require.

Any item that you place in the basin will need to be kept clean and dry as much as possible. If anything gets stuck under the mat, it can cause the same issues that the mat is supposed to prevent.

Plus, it’s just not sanitary to keep standing water and food residue around for long periods of time. That’s true whether you have an accessory in your basin or not.

That means you’ll have to regularly rinse the mat. You’ll also want to occasionally take it out, sanitize it with cleaners, and let it air dry.

As for how you clean it, and how often you clean it, leave that up to the manufacturer. Most will come with specific instructions for their product. You’ll want to follow those for the best results.

If your mat doesn’t come with instructions, cleaning it once a week is a good guideline. You’ll also want to clean if after a particularly messy day of dishes.

Here are some basic cleaning steps to follow:

Take the mat out and wash it with soap and warm water. Spray it with an anti-bacterial spray that’s safe for plastic or silicone. Rinse the mat. Leave the mat out to air dry completely before putting in back in your basin.

Doing so will help prevent your mat from developing issues like mildew or odors.

Protecting Your Sink

As durable as fixtures are, they can still use a little extra protection. Laying a mat down in the bottom of the basin is the perfect way to provide that.

Mat help protect the surface of the basin from sharp dishes, and they can even protect the dishes themselves. Although any accessory will require regular cleaning, it’s a worthwhile trade off to keep your fixtures looking spotless.

So try a farmhouse sink protector in your kitchen, and keep your fixtures looking new.

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