Check out these farmhouse sink ideas to help you get inspired. Find your perfect fixture, and learn how to style it for the best look.

Shopping for large fixtures can get tough. There are so many options to choose from.

There’s a seemingly endless list of features, from materials, to basins, to drain types. Just to name a few. Then, of course, you have to get into colors and sizes and finishes.

And then, to add onto that, you have to worry about how it will work with your design. You don’t want to pick something that will clash horribly with the rest of the space. That’s not to mention affordability and function!

The whole process can get overwhelming.

If you’re stuck wondering what’s best for your space, check out our guide below. It’s call all the basics you need to know to select and style your ideal fixtures.

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Farmhouse Sink Ideas

The first thing you need to know is what to shop for. There’s a huge variety when it comes to fixtures. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect option by simply not being aware of it.

When it comes to styles, features, and functionality, there’s so much to consider.Here are the main things to look for when shopping:


One of the most important features of any fixture is functionality. You don’t want to pick a fixture that’s not going to work for you and your needs.

There are a lot of different things that impact the functionality of a sink.

The first thing is the number of basins. There are single basin, double basin, and even triple basin options. Which one you choose really comes down to a matter of organization.

If you like to keep things separated, then go with multiple basins. If you tend to wash larger items, a single basin is better.

You may be thinking that you fit neither category, or that you can’t decide. Don’t worry! There are options that blend single and double basin options together.

One such option is to get a double basin sink with low divider. With these, you can still separate items in the sink. However, water will flow between both basins, allowing you to wash larger items.

Another option is to get a divider insert for single basin sinks. These allow you to make one basin into two, when needed.

For even more functionality, pick up an option that doubles as a workstation.

Options like these come with additional accessories, like strainers, drainboards, and cutting boards. Since they sit right in the basin, they save you space on your counters.

They also help you organize all of your prep work. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who really loves to cook.


The method of installation can also have a huge impact on how your sink looks and functions.

Most farmhouse or apron-front sinks are undermount. These get installed beneath the counter tops, and the front is exposed.

But there are still other types of installation you can choose.

A self-rimming, or drop-in option is another popular choice. These require less work to install, and they can even help protect your counters. Unfortunately, these don’t come in as wide a variety of styles.


It’s also important to consider how the fixture looks. Since this type of fixture will be a visible part of your design, it needs to look good.

The safest bet is always to go with the classic white.


These options look good in just about any design. They also help draw in light, which can make a smaller kitchen look larger.

But they’re not your only option. There’s plenty of colors you can choose from.

Sticking with neutrals, you can go with black, grey, off-white, or beige. For something more bold, try a bright blue or red.

You can also go with different materials to widen your selection. Metal options, for example, come in a surprising variety of colors, such as gold and black. They look great with modern, industrial, and contemporary designs.

But color isn’t the only aesthetic concern. The style of the front also plays an important role in how these fixtures look.

If you’re looking for something new, try a decorative front sink. These come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to country.

There are even reversible options, if you can’t decide between designs.

Maximizing Your Design

The other part of picking out a fixture is figuring out how it works in your design.

Here are some general tips and ideas to help you out with that process:

Texture and Finish

Don’t forget that fixtures can come in a a few different textures and finishes. Smooth, rough, and matte are the most common.

Each of these has a different look that you can use to your advantage. Pair contrasting textures and finishes together, to create a more interesting look.

The key is to play them off of one another. You don’t want a space that’s entirely smooth or entirely rough. Instead, add in some contrast with different textures.

For example, if you have smooth surfaces throughout your space, choose a rougher fixture. This will help make the space more visually interesting.

The alternative is also true. If you have a lot of rough materials like stone and wood, go with a smoother finish on your fixtures.

Consider Color

Another important factor is how you use your colors together.

Since fixtures are large, you’ll want to make sure they blend in well.

The best method is to use a fixture as an accent color. For example, if you went with black, then you would add in other black accents, like cabinet pulls, or other hardware.

That way, the fixture blends in well, and provides contrast without being overpowering.

Of course, you can also go the other direction, and keep it in line with your main color choice. With this, just make sure you’re using an accent color elsewhere in the space. This will keep it from looking too monochromatic or boring.

The Ideal Fixture for You

Choosing the right sink isn’t an easy process. There are a lot of different features and functions that you’ll have to consider.

Luckily, it’s not an impossible task. With the right farmhouse sink ideas, you’ll be able to create your perfect kitchen.