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Farmhouse Sink Drying Rack Options

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Make doing the dishes easier with a farmhouse sink drying rack. These farmhouse sink accessories are a great way to save space and dishes.

Over the Sink Drying Rack Benefits


Drying racks in general are nothing new.

The benefit of these items is that you have a space to air dry out any lightly used dishes in your sink. Things like prep bowls and stirring spoons tend to pile up when cooking. That leads to quite a few extra dishes in the sink for the end of the day.

And most of these items don’t really need to go through the dishwasher. They’ll be fine with a just a bit of warm water and soap. Plus, after they dry, you’ll have them at hand in case you need them.

That’s what makes drying racks so convenient, but there’s also the environmentally friendly aspect to it. Although it’s not a huge difference, leaving dishes to air dry means less paper towels. It also leads to less electricity and water usage, since you won’t have to run as many dishes, as often.

Of course, that’s just for general options.

Apron sink drying racks in particular have the added benefit of saving you counter space. Unlike regular dish drying racks, these are meant to go over sink basins. In smaller kitchens, that’s a much better alternative than a clunky, counter top option.

It’s also more convenient, since it allows wet dishes to drip into the basin. With other options, you have to place a towel or drying mat underneath, to catch the water.

Over the Sink Drying Racks

If you’re shopping for this accessory, there are two main options to choose from.

Here’s a basic overview of both types, to help you decide which one is better for you:

Roll Up Options

The main benefit of this type of option is that they’re flexible. They come a a flat, slotted mat, that rests over the top of the sink. Because of this, they fit a wide range of fixtures.

But the main benefit of these is that they’re easier to store. When not in use, you just have to roll them up and put them away in a drawer or cabinet.

Surpahs Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack (Warm Gray, 17.5CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONLarge 20.5CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONHhyn Roll Up Dish Drying Rack 20.5CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


The downside to these options is that they’re more limited in what you can dry. You can’t fit as many larger items, like plates and bowls, on the surface.

As such, these work best if you’re mainly drying flatware or cooking utensils. They’re also a better option if you only plan on using it intermittently, since they’re easier to store.

Basket Options

If you need something with more heft and function, a basket option is better. These are great because they come with a lot more room. Since they sit deeper in the basin, you can dry larger items, like plates, and even small pans.

You can also use them as if they were caddies or sink organizers. Due to their size, they can also store soap, sponges, towels, and similar items.

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The downside is obviously that they take up more space.

Since they sit in the basin, they limit how much space you have inside your sink. If you’re working with a smaller fixture, that can be come pretty inconvenient. They’re also harder to store, since they’re bulkier.

However, they’re still the more functional choice. If you often find yourself air drying a variety dishes, these are a good option.

Alternative Options

If a removable option isn’t for you, a good alternative would be a farmhouse sink with drainboard. These have a space for drying built in right next to the basin. And since its attached, you don’t have to worry about it taking up additional space, or being difficult to store.

You can check out more about these options in our sink with drainboard review.

You can also try a multi-function cutting board as well. These often come with sections where you can strain and dry items. You can also try an over the sink strainer.

Dish Drainer for Farmhouse Sink

When it comes to selection the right option for you, consider function first and foremost.

If you find yourself air drying a lot of dishes, a deeper option with a basket is the better choice. While these do take up more room, they can be used for larger dishes.

If you find yourself air drying occasionally, or only drying small dishes, a roll up option is perfect. They’re also better if don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen.

However, regardless of which style you choose, the point is that they make dishes more convenient. With these, you can keep your lightly used dishes out of the sink, and ready for when you need them. That saves you water, time, and energy!

So if you’re looking for a way to maximize your sink, consider this great accessory. A farmhouse sink drying rack is the perfect way to improve your time in the kitchen.

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