Add more function to your fixtures with a farmhouse sink accessories. These great add-ons are the perfect way to get more organization and prep-space in your kitchen.

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Farmhouse Sink Accessories

Fixtures are already fairly expensive, so it’s hard to justify any additional purchases. However, depending on what you do in the kitchen, they can make your life much easier.

This is especially true with apron front or farmhouse sinks. These fixtures tend to emphasize aesthetic, since they’re such a visible part of the kitchen. Unfortunately, depending on the model, this comes at the cost of function.

That’s why accessories are worth considering. For single basin fixtures in particular, they can give the organization and functionality that you might be missing.

There are also a wide range of accessories available, so it’s easy to find something that suits your individual needs.

For example, if you’re lacking prep space, getting a cutting board or strainer is a great option. If you’re lacking organization, a sink saddle or basin insert can help. There are even options like grids and protectors, to help with cleaning and maintaining the basin.

If you’re interested in kitchen sink accessories, here’s a brief overview of the different options.

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Drying Rack


This option is a great one if you’re the sort of person who hand washes a lot of things.

It’s easy to build up a pile of lightly used dishes when cooking. These are the sort of dishes that need a bit of soap and a quick rinse, rather than a whole run through the dishwasher.

With a drying rack, you can rinse and air dry these items, rather than letting them pile up.

That spares you from having to do a mountain of dishes at the end of the day. It’s also handy for reusing utensils or dishes throughout the day.

When shopping, there are two main types you can get: roll up racks and basket racks. Roll up ones sit flat over the top of your basin, and can be rolled up for storage. These are great for things like utensils, or just a few dishes.

Baskets, on the other hand, hang from the top and sit low in the basin. These have a lot more room, so they’re better for larger items. If you wash a lot of plates or even small pans, this style is a better choice.

Look for products that include the phrase “over the sink” or something similar. These ones are made to be long, and adjustable, which means they’ll fit any basin.

Sink Grid

If you’ve read a few articles on the site, you already know that we feel strongly about sink grids. They’re the ideal option if you’re working with a delicate, or light color sink.

That’s because they create a barrier that keeps your dishes up, and away from the bottom of the basin. That means less scratches, and also easier clean up.


If you find yourself lacking in organization, check out a sink caddy or sink saddle.

There are a few different types you can purchase, the main difference between them being placement. Some you place over the sink divider, while others hang on the side of the basin, or over the faucet.

Unfortunately, one common feature across all options is that they’re a bit small.

That’s because they’re designed to hold items like soap and sponges. That’s certainly helpful, but it’s a bit limiting for anyone who wants to organize larger items.

Sink Protector

If grids are not for you, consider getting a protective mat instead. These options are usually made of plastic and come in different sizes and colors.

They serve the same basic purpose as grids. The main difference is that they sit directly on top of the basin. Because of that, there’s no distance between your dishes and the basin. There’s still a protective barrier though.

Single Basin Divider Insert

If you have a single basin sink, a divider insert is a good option. These are designed to turn a single basin option into a double basin option.

The issue is that purchasing an insert is not an easy process. In most cases, you’re better off choosing something like a double basin option with low divider.

For a cheaper, easier fix,, you can also try a basin insert. These are separate, washable, stowable basins that you can use when needed. They can go in your sink or on your counter to provide more organization and space.

For more information about inserts, check out our guide listed above.



You can make prep work easier and save counter space by picking up an over the sink strainer as well. These options are different from drying racks, because they’re designed to be used as colanders.

They’re perfect for washing fruits and vegetables. You can also use them for straining pasta and other items as well.

Cutting Board


For even more help with prep work, an over the sink cutting board is another great option. These allow you to prep and rinse right over the basin. This makes clean up easier and leaves more counter space for other prep work.

Workstation or Galley Sinks

If you’re not sure of what accessories you want, why not get them all?

Workstation sinks come with most of the aforementioned accessories. Galley sinks, which are the same concept except longer, may come with even more!

You can also usually purchase more additions through the manufacturer. And the best part is, the accessories are made to fit the basin, so you don’t have to worry about sizing.

Here’s an overview of a model that comes with a lot of different features:

An option like this is a great way to try out a lot of different accesories. And if you find you don’t like them, just remove them and use the basin like you normally would.

Important Considerations

While accessories are a great choice, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The main one is that they take up space. For single basin sinks, this isn’t really a problem. In fact, that’s sort of the point. You need them there to help organize, because all you have is space.

For double basin sinks, it’s a bit more inconvenient. Depending on the option you choose, they can take up half, to two thirds of the basin.

The size of your sink is also an important factor. If you’re using a smaller, double basin sink, the accessories may take up too much room.

For some, that’s still a good trade off. But if you usually have a full sink, you’d probably be better off using standard, counter top tools.

The other thing you’ll need to consider is cleaning. Since these items will be over your sink, they’ll constantly be exposed to water and food waste. As such, you’ll need to keep up with regularly rinsing and drying these items.

That’s not really that difficult, since it’s going to happen naturally as you use your sink. However, it’s still added maintenance.

And lastly, there is the issue of storage. With certain items, it’s unlikely that you’ll always have them in place. Things like caddies and drying racks are more permanent, but there will still be times when you need to remove them.

That means you’ll need to consider how you’ll store them.

Certain items are made for easy storage, such as roll-up drying racks. But that’s not true for every option. You’ll want to make sure that you have some space in your cabinets.

Functional Fixtures

Get more out of your kitchen with sink accessories. These options are the perfect way to save space, and get more from your fixtures.

While there are some downsides, for most people, these accessories are a good way to make kitchen work easier.

So if you’re interested in maximizing your kitchen, try farmhouse sink accessories, and see what they can do for you.