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Farmhouse Kitchen Chair Covers

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Transform your dining area with farmhouse kitchen chair covers. These slips are the perfect way to get the look you want, with ease.

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Dining Chair Slipcovers

If you’re on the fence about slipcovers, consider the benefits.

The main benefit is obviously the aesthetic transformation. With these, you don’t have to worry about purchasing new furniture whenever you want an update. No matter how your style or tastes change, you can always find a slipcover to match.

This is nice if you’re the sort of person to tire easily of the items in your house. It gives you the ability to try out something new and bold every so often, without breaking the bank.

But slips have a few functional benefits as well.

The main one is that they can help protect your furniture. Covering seating can help protect any delicate, or light-colored upholstery during daily use.

That way you don’t have to worry about using your nice furniture too much and wearing it down. And when you want to show them off, just remove the slips.

If you’re hosting a party or event, this is especially helpful. You can ensure that your furniture is protected against heavy use. And you can use slips to create distinctive seating areas as well.

Farmhouse Slipcovers

If you’re looking for options to fit cozy, country styles, check out these great choices:

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With country styles in particular, there’s two main things to keep in mind: color and texture.

For color, stick to lighter options where possible. This style favors white and beige, since they help a space look bigger and brighter.

Of course, you can use color if you want. Traditional patterns, like floral are a great way to work in bold pops of color, without it being overwhelming. You can also go with something like a bright gingham.

You can also incorporate some other favorites for this style, like blue, green, and yellow. Just stay away from options that are too saturated.

For texture, try to get options that have some element of roughness. This will give them a rustic look that complements this style perfectly.

Texture can come from the fabric itself, through the use of materials. For example, fabrics like linen have a naturally rough texture, while still being comfortable.

You can also choose fabrics that have raised elements, like ruffles, pleating, or embroidery. These have a visual roughness, since they’re not a smooth expanse of fabric.

Despite these tips, keep in mind that style is a matter of personal tastes. You can certainly go with something that breaks from the usual, or expected options.

The point is to choose something that suits your space and your preferences. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional in order to make that happen.

Features to Look For


Slip covers come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for. Here’s an overview of the basic features you can expect:


The most important feature is the length of the slip. Slips come in a variety of lengths, to accommodate different types of chairs.

Long slips are made to cover up the entirety of a seat, particularly the upholstered parts. This is what allows you to change the color, style, or fabric of the cushion.

Some options only cover the upholstered parts, leaving the legs exposed. Others have the addition of skirt, which covers the legs a as well.

In both cases, these options usually fit best on standard seating. That means your seating should have a high back and no arm rests.

If your seating does have an arm rest, the best option would be to go with a seat-only slip. These cover just the upholstered seat, leaving the arms, back, and legs exposed.

They work best with options where the seat cushion can be removed. You can also try them with a cushion that has an obvious gap between it and the legs. (Although it may not stay secured for these sorts of seats.)

As you can tell, using slipcovers is highly dependent on the type of furniture you have. If you have unusual seating, or even seating with arm rests, it will be difficult to find slips.


The other main feature is the fabric that the slip uses.

You can find a wide range of fabrics, including faux velvet and leather. Which one you use depends on your tastes.

As previously mentioned, texture is always a good choice for this particular style. Going with a rougher fabric, like linen, or a fabric with raised elements, is ideal. These have a rustic feel that will complement any sort of country or traditional elements.

Function is also a concern for fabric though. If you’re using these for a formal area that doesn’t get much use, this is less important. You can go with more delicate options, like velvet, since they’re not going to be strained.

However, if you’re using them in an area where you dine often, get durable fabric. You want something that’s water proof and/or machine washable if possible.

This is especially true for this style, which favors lighter colors. Most options that suit this style will incorporate lots of white and beige. As such, you want something easy to clean.

Give Your Furniture the Slip

Updating a dining area doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. If you’re looking at your seating and lamenting how ill-suited or worn out it looks, don’t worry. Slipcovers provide an easy and cheaper way to take care of those problems.

They come in a variety of styles and sizes, to help you achieve the look you want. Some options are also durable and waterproof, to provide added protection.

The downsides to these is that it can be difficult to find one to fit if you have unusual furniture. Most options fit best with the standard sort of dining chairs.

However, if they fit and you have room in your budget, try out a slip. They come with a number of benefits that make them worth trying.

So if you’re interested in transforming your dining area, try farmhouse kitchen chair covers for your furniture.

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