farmhouse decor for kitchen table
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Farmhouse Decor for Kitchen Table

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Decorate your space with farmhouse decor for kitchen table. These ideas and decorations are the perfect way to transform any surface.

For even more on this style, check out our farmhouse style kitchen accessories guide.

Why You Should Decorate this Space

Decorating table surfaces, also known as the art of tablescapes, has been popular for centuries. A well-coordinated tablescape can do everything from help you enjoy your meal, to showing off your personal style.

Of course, this space is primarily functional. While a purely decorative piece is lovely, it’s better to prioritize something that has a functional use as well. This is especially true if you’re working in a smaller space.

Farmhouse Table Accessories

Here are some great accessory options:

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To incorporate both form and function, the best option is to utilize your tablescape as a storage solution.

For example, you can use a basket to help store fruits, like apples or bananas. These create a sort of decorative, cornucopia tablescape, while still being very practical. (You can also cheat and go with fake fruits if you like the aesthetic, but not the actual fruits. Lemons, for example, are a popular fruit for this.)

You can do a similar thing with cake plates, or tea trays. These can be used to both store and display snacks, fruits, or beverage items.

You can also use it as a lighting addition, by setting up artificial or real candles.

You can also go with something in between. Tried trays, for example, are a popular choice. These can be used to store things like napkins, fruits, beverage necessities, or other items. However, they’re also perfect for decorative accents, like flowers.

Of course, there’s no reason to go with something functional if you don’t want. The space is there and available for decoration, so there’s nothing wrong with using it to complement your interior design.

For this, things like a vintage scale or some lanterns are popular. As a faux floral arrangements and other, similar items.

There’s plenty of purely decorative items that make great options. Go with whatever you think will work best with your style.

Farmhouse Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these great ideas:

For something that will stretch the length of your table, starting with a table runner is a good idea. You can get one in linen or burlap, for the perfect country touch.

From there, you can put whatever decorations you want on top.

Small floral arrangements are great for this, as are candles and garlands. These are easy to coordinate even when you’re laying them flat over a distance. Plus, it’s easy to get vases and fake flowers for cheap at places like the dollar store.

For a more minimal touch, you can stick to just three or four coordinated items, and stretch them out. Candles are great for this, especially if you stagger short ones and tall ones.

With this style, don’t worry about filling the extra space. The point is to do something simple and striking.

Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces

For a cozy, rustic aesthetic, there are plenty of create options to try out.

Wood slices are particularly popular, and they’re a great item to decorate with. These have the rustic look of unfinished wood, while still providing a cozy, natural vibe.

You can use them in a variety of ways, but the most popular option is to use them as a pedestal. You can stack ones of multiple heights at the center, to create an interesting arrangement. Or, you can just use a large one as a platform for your decorations.

Creating Your Tablescape

Ultimately, what’s going to work for you depends on your preferences and needs. If you have a small space, adding in a bit of decorative storage will help you free up space elsewhere. If you want to create a beautiful, cozy space, it’s a great surface to decorate as you see fit.

Regardless, there are tons of options available, for just about any need. Check out farmhouse decor for kitchen table and add something new to your space.

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