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Farm Sink Kitchen Images

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Check out these farm sink kitchen images to help you find your dream design. When it comes to renovating, the design is one of the most difficult and important components.

You have to consider budget, style, fixtures, and function, all at once. It’s no wonder that people tend to struggle with kitchen design specifically.

With fixtures like farmhouse sinks, it can be especially tricky to choose. There’s so many different options, and they can fit a wide range of designs. They look good in primitive, contemporary, rustic, and industrial designs, just to name a few.

If you love these fixtures and want to use them in your next renovation, check out the great spaces below. They’re perfect examples of how you can style your farmhouse sink, and get the most from your space.

For even more design tips and inspiration, you can also check out our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Guide.

A Pop of Color

White is definitely the current kitchen trend. It’s an easy color to style, and pretty much looks good no matter how you style it. Plus, it’s functional in that it can make smaller or darker spaces look much larger and more open.

But there are plenty of ways you can incorporate color too. A bold blue like the gorgeous kitchen above is just one option. You can go with green, grey, brown, and other colors.

Even black cabinets are making a comeback. With the right amount of natural light and a thoughtful design, any color is possible. And If you’re still uncertain, you can always go with white, with pops of coordinated color throughout.

So don’t be afraid to play around with your design!

Even if you don’t want to commit to colorful cabinets, you can always commit to a colorful farmhouse sink instead. They come in black, gold, blue, and even red, just to start. They can provide a smaller, but equally bold flair to your space.

A Rustic Touch

Natural, earthy accents are another popular trend that’s easy to incorporate. You can take it in whatever direction you want, and there’s plenty of appropriate materials to choose from.

The stone backsplash in this kitchen is a great example. It’s rough textured and rustic, the perfect complement to the touches of rustic, country décor used throughout. If you favor very traditional styles, this one is perfect inspiration.

For the overall look, a classic white, apron front sink is the best choice. A rounded option like this one has that light touch of charm to keep the space looking cozy.

Of course, you don’t have to go primitive with this look. Stone backsplash can also work in a more modern kitchen as well. It really just depends on your other choices.

Decorative Fluting

Of course, not everyone is in favor of the classic white sink. If you want something with a little more visual interest, check out a decorative option instead.

A fluted sink, like the one above, is another great choice for traditional kitchens. It’s got plenty of country charm, and it’s not as plain as a smooth front.

But fluting is not your only option for decorative fronts. You can get ones that have intricate flowers, scrollwork or flourishes. These are perfect if your preferences lean more French.

There are even options that are ideal for modern or contemporary spaces. For example, you can get options with a simple line across the top. There are even options with a geometric square pattern across the front.

Different Materials

Another way to do something different is to change up the materials of your fixtures. Stone options are a good choice that are prized for their durability. And if you go for an option like composite, you can get one at a decent price.

As the example above shoes, stone fixtures are the perfect, updated complement to primitive interiors. The photo includes a lot of primitive-type décor, like the chair, faucets, pots, and other items. One would expect these to look out of place with the marble-like sink, but it works.

Stone works just as well for modern or industrial interiors as well. It’s one of those materials that’s very versatile; as long as you style it well, it can fit with just about anything.

Budget Friendly

If any of the above sinks weren’t for you, perhaps a metal option is more your speed. Stainless steel is the ideal budget option. For this materials, you can get a durable, functional fixture for under $250.

If you want something reliable for less, it’s hard to go wrong with stainless steel.

It may not be the traditional style of farmhouse sink, but as you can see, stainless still works in traditional styles. You can pair it with the classics, like white shaker cabinets and subway tile, and get the same look. Of course, the benefit is that you’re doing it on a budget.

This is also another easy to use option. It pairs well with multiple styles, so you don’t have to worry that it will look out of place.

A Perfect Renovation

It’s hard to know where to start with a renovation. There are so many important factors you’ll have to consider, and that’s not even including aesthetic concerns.

Often, people make the process easier by fixating on one or two things that they really want. Farm sinks are just one example of a large fixture that can help guide your renovation.

These fixtures are large enough and expensive enough that you can actually plan a space around them. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your design. There are plenty of options for these fixtures, so finding one that will fit your style is easy.

When starting your renovation, check out these farm sink kitchen images to help inspire your creativity.

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