Country Style Kitchen Sink Options for a Cozy Space

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Add some charm to your kitchen with a country style kitchen sink. These fixtures are the perfect way to add some traditional warmth to your home.

One of the reasons this style has resurfaced as a popular choice is for its comfort. There’s something cozy and inviting about more traditional or rustic styles. They make you want to relax, and enjoy the moment.

This return to a homier style is why farmhouse and all its variants has emerged as the dominant trend.

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Finding the Right Fixture

What sets country apart from similar farmhouse adjacent styles is the detail. To truly have farmhouse county, you want to be sure to include plenty of decorative elements.

That means incorporating things like wooden scroll work, engraving, decorative wrought iron, and lushly patterned fabrics.

For larger fixtures, the same applies. While a smooth apron front sink will work fine, a better choice would be something with more personality. Decorative front options are perfect for this.

Getting an option with touches like fluting or carvings would be more appropriate. You can also go for bolder colors, like blue or even a matte black.

Here are some options that would be perfect for this style:

Ornate Design

Whitehaus WHFLGO3018-WHITE Reversible Kitchen Fireclay Sink, 30 x 18 x 10, WHITECHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


This fixture is a great choice because it’s reversible. That means you’re getting two different styles for the price of one. And if you every want to change the look of your space, it’s a simple matter of turning it around and reinstalling it.

For this particular style, this is a fitting option because both aprons happen to be ornate.

On one side is a charming fluted pattern that’s common with this style. In this case the fluting is deep and is rounded, to give it a softer feeling.

The opposite apron has an even more intricate design. For this face, there’s a gothic inspired floral pattern that has a surprising amount of detail.

Gothic may not be the first thing you think of for this style, but don’t let the name fool you. The complexity and floral aspect of this design makes it fitting for a number of farmhouse styles.

Functionally speaking, this is a great option because of its material. It’s made of glazed Fireclay, which is an efficient choice.

Fireclay is a durable, cheaper alternative to materials such as porcelain. The fact that it’s coated also helps, since it means it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Overall, if you want something classic for your kitchen, this option is a good choice.

Modern but Traditional


This option is another good choice that offers a slightly different style. Like the first, it’s reversible, so you’re getting two looks in one fixture.

However, this one has some different options for people who want something a little more updated. Both aprons are more minimal, which is better for people who like the modern farmhouse look.

For example, one apron on this option is perfectly smooth, with rounded corners. This simplicity helps it look more modern, but the rounded edges maintain that almost vintage feel.

Admittedly, it’s a little plain; however, this classic look is ideal for a wide range of styles.

The other apron on this option is fluted. The fluting is done in the typical style, although there are a few key differences. In this case, the fluting is less rounded than it is in the first option. For this apron, the edges are straight along the sides and bottom.

This creates a less dramatic, more modern look. The simplicity of the lines gives it a more minimalist feeling, as opposed to the charm of the first option.

Functionally, you can expect a similar attention to detail. Like the first option, this one is made of Fireclay that’s been coated. That means it should be durable and easy to manage.

Overall, this fixture is ideal for anyone who prefers to blend modern and traditional styles.

Caring For Your Fixtures

Since both of options listed above are coated material, caring for them shouldn’t be difficult. The coatings are designed to keep out stains and odors. All you have to do is keep up with regular, gentle cleaning.

You also want to make sure you preserve the coating by avoiding chips and scratches. The key is to make sure that you’re handling your pots, pans, and tableware carefully. Although these basins are durable, they’re not impervious.

To that end, you can purchase a grid to help protect the bottom of the basin. These can be annoying because it’s an added element that you’ll have to rinse, etc. However, they are very helpful for ensuring that your basin remains pristine.

The other main concern is that, with these sinks, you have a lot of detail on the front. Because of that, you have to account for an extra step when cleaning.

To care for the front of your sink, clean it with the same care you would show the basin. Typically, you won’t have any issues with food residue or stains. Because of that, it shouldn’t need more than the occasional wipe down.

Scratches, however, are a bigger concern. Since the apron is exposed, you’ll need to be careful not to scratch or chip the exterior.

To prevent any accidents, use caution when handling heavy pots or sharp objects. With these, make sure you clear the front of the sink before placing them carefully in the basin.

With proper care and caution, these fixtures should remain a beautiful addition to your kitchen for a long time.

Traditional and Cozy Style

Oftentimes, older styles gain a negative reputation for being out of date. They can seem stuffy and cluttered to our modern sensibilities.

But there’s a lot of benefits to more traditional and rustic styles. Though they can certainly feel busy, that’s a part of what makes them charming. It also makes a room feel fuller, which can add a certain warmth and coziness. The same is true for the natural materials that these styles favor.

Plus, these styles are surprisingly easy to blend with modern trends. This adaptability means you can really get the best of both worlds in your design.

This is especially true for kitchens. This style is one that works for just about any element in your space, including larger fixtures. That makes it easier to create the style you want.

So if you want to make your space even more welcoming, consider a country style kitchen sink.

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