Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options

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Do something different with your kitchen with these great copper farmhouse kitchen sink options. These sinks can add some color and fun to any kitchen.

This type of farmhouse sink material also works great with a number of different styles. Since it’s made of metal, it’s ideal for modern or industrial looks. However, this particular type metal is often used in rustic designs, since it pairs well with antique or vintage items.

You can get it in more of the traditional yellow-orange shade, or in nickel.

Nickel looks more like silver, although it has the same general properties as the traditional, yellow options.

Great Options for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a great choice for your kitchen, check out the products below. They cover a range of budgets and styles, which means you should find something to suit just about any need.

Cheap Copper Farmhouse Sink


For anyone on a budget, this option is perfect. It’s surprisingly cheap, but that’s because it’s not actually made of copper.

Instead, this sink is made of stainless steel that’s been coated to have the necessary color. It’s a shade darker than you would get with actual copper, however it’s still very close. And the cheaper cost is not the only benefit of this option.

Stainless steel is a great material because of its durability, and the fact that it’s easy to clean. You don’t have to be as gentle with it as you do other metals. That makes it a better choice for anyone who needs something sturdy.

This particular option is also made of 16-gauge metal, which is considered a good thickness. It’s thick enough to be durable, without being too heavy.

Decorative Copper Sink


For anyone who wants a more genuine option, this one is a good choice. It’s made of copper, and not just coated like the previous option.

The aesthetics on this option are also perfect for anyone who prefers rustic or country styles. It’s got ornate decoration on the front, along with added texture, to make it a visually interesting choice. The scroll detail in particular, is a really gorgeous addition.

Like the previous option, this one is made of 16-gauge metal. That means you’re getting a good, sturdy thickness as well.

Benefits of This Material

This metal has been a popular addition to kitchens for a number of years. It’s great for cookware, especially when candy-making, because It’s such an excellent conductor.

In terms of sinks, it’s mostly about the aesthetic. This metal provides a gorgeous color, that’s perfect for a number of styles. It’s a great option for adding in a pop of contrast, especially with blue or black color schemes.

You can also get in with a textured finish. This provides even more contrast and visual interest.


The main downside of these options is that they are among the most expensive. If you want a genuine option, you’re going to have to pay more. Especially if you need something large or deep.

Luckily, you can get a similar look with coated stainless steel. So if you want to be kinder on your budget, definitely consider an alternative.

The other downside is the added maintenance. This metal does require more attention than others.

For more information, check out our cleaning guide and care tips below.

Copper Care Tips

For general maintenance, this type of metal isn’t that different than stainless steel.

One potential issue is that this metal is softer than others. You’ll need to take extra care not to drop heavy objects directly into the basin. You also need to take care to avoid scratching it.

Getting a grid to place in the bottom of the basin can help with both of these issues. It provides and added layer of protection by keeping things from resting directly on the surface.

Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning metal, you’ll want to avoid abrasive sponges. You should also stick to cleaners that are gentle rather than harsh. Most stains and issues aren’t going to require a lot of elbow grease or effort, so take it slow.

For this specific type of metal, there are other considerations as well. This type of metal oxidizes, which means it darkens or goes green in the presence of water or air. This is obviously an issue for a sink, which will be exposed to both on a regular basis.

One way to help slow this process is to avoid leaving standing water in the basin. You can use a microfiber towel to dry the basin out at the end of the day, or however often suits you. There are also plenty of natural methods you can use to remove oxidation

Just keep in mind that part of the beauty of these options is that they naturally oxidize. Although it’s good to keep up with cleaning and removing oxidation regularly, the goal shouldn’t be to remove the different colors entirely. They’re a part of what makes this metal beautiful, so you definitely want to keep them around.

If you want an something that’s going to stay the same color, go for an option like the first product recommendation. Colored coatings won’t oxidize or change, so they require much less attention.

Finding the Perfect Sink

If you’re looking to add some color to your designs, these options are perfect. Their burnished orange is the ideal complement for darker color schemes. You can also use it as a fun, luxe addition to color schemes that favor white.

They also work with a wide range of styles. Whether you prefer the modern or the traditional, there are plenty of ways to make this type of option work.

The main thing to keep in mind with this type of metal is the price and maintenance.

Purchasing this metal is a commitment. Not only will it cost you more, but it requires more care. You’ll need to control the oxidation process as much as possible, to make sure you’re getting the patina you want.

Luckily, there are some other options that allow you to avoid both of those issues. A coated stainless steel option gives you all the color, without the care requirements or the price tag.

Overall, there’s certain to be a copper farmhouse kitchen sink perfect for your budget and your kitchen.

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