Concrete Apron Front Sink Options

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Choose a concrete apron front sink and take your kitchen design to the next level. These unconventional options are a great way to give your space a distinct look.  

Benefits of This Material  

One unexpected benefit of this material is that it can be manufactured more sustainably. That means that certain options are a better choice for the environment than some stone or metal options.  

The material itself is also very durable. However, the durability of a fixture is mainly determined by its coating, and not the material itself.  

Except in the case of metal, most fixtures are not made only of the material listed. They tended to be coated in some type of substance, usually enamel.  

It can be tricky to coat a material like this, so you may end up with an option that has a durable interior and delicate exterior.   

Downsides of This Material

Frankly, the main reason to purchase an option in this material would be for the aesthetics. 

Options like fireclay and stainless steel are superior in terms of overall function. They’re durable, and their surfaces are better able to keep out stains and discoloration. They also happen to be much more affordable, especially when you add in installation costs. 

Concrete is an extremely heavy material, usually weighing around double what fireclay would, for the same size fixture. That means you’ll have to install extra supports for the basin, which can get costly.  

For something similar at a more affordable price, you can check out a quartz composite sink as an alternative. These come in dark colors as well. And, you can get an option that doesn’t have a smooth, shiny finish, if that’s your preference.  

Granite composites are another choice that would work. Although, again, you’ll have to look for one that has a similar surface texture.  

But if alternatives are not for you, here’s one viable option that you can consider:  

Reversible Composite Fixture  

concrete-farmhouse-sinkNative Trails

The best part about this option is that it emphasizes the most promising part of this material: its aesthetics.  

This option has a rich, dark color and a somewhat rough looking finish. Both are exactly what you want from this type of material. It also happens to come with two different apron styles to choose from. 

The first is a rounded option that will stick out past your countertops. This shape gives it an unexpected charm that would work well if you prefer more traditional styles like country or primitive.  

The opposite side has a flat face that is the perfect addition to any modern or industrial space. It has a very simplistic look that’s ideal for both of those styles.  

Overall, if you have to have this material, this fixture is a good option because of its versatility.  

Maintenance Tips  

One of the issues with any composite type option is that the coating is not as durable as the material.  

As such, you need to focus your energy on keeping the surface of the basin clean and dry. Naturally, this is not a simple task for a fixture like a sink, but there are a few things you can do.  

The main thing you need to do is keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. In this case, as frequently as once a day would be your best bet.  

This doesn’t have to be some difficult, comprehensive routine though. The key is to make sure that you’re rinsing the basin clean of any food debris and standing water. By eliminating those two issues, you should be able to keep everything in good shape.  

You also don’t want to risk compromising the coating by using harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive scrubbers. Stick to the soft, natural stuff, since that will be the most effective.  

Check out our full cleaning guide for more tips. You can also follow the same basic guidelines that you would for countertops in the same material.

Another thing you can do is purchase a grid. I’m a big fan of grids, because they’re helpful for fixtures like this one, that don’t have an offset drain 

A grid keeps everything up and off the surface of the basin. This makes it easier for water and food debris to be drained. It also helps minimize any damage the basin might incur from tableware.  

However, even a good maintenance routine is not going to keep the basin perfect forever. With options like these, you have to be willing to accept some discoloration and other imperfections. There are plenty of perfect sink options, but keeping them perfect forever is simply not possible. 

Finding the Right Look 

The focus when purchasing sinks is often on their functional capabilities, and for good reason. These fixtures need to be able to withstand a lot of abuse. Even for general usage, they have to go through quite a bit.  

But that doesn’t make their aesthetic value any less important. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a specific look for your kitchen. And luckily, there’s enough options out there that you’re likely to find a perfect fit.  

The key is to know what your priorities are. If you know you’re not going to be cooking a lot, you can get away with focusing on aesthetics. On the other hand, if you cook often, you may have to sacrifice appearance for durability and functionality.  

Neither option is right or wrong; it’s just a matter of what will work best for you.  

To that end, options like the one above, where aesthetics are the focus, are not always ideal. But it is certainly an attractive material, and there’s no way to effectively replicate it’s look. If it’s what you want, then you will have to be willing to make a few concessions.  

In the end, while not ideal for everyone, a concrete apron front sink is a uniquely beautiful option.  

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