Budget Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl Options

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Check out these budget stainless steel farmhouse sink double bowl options that are prefect for any kitchen. If you’re planning out your renovation, save yourself money and effort with one of these durable, cheap fixtures.

The Best Option for Your Wallet

When it comes to materials, stainless is by far the cheapest. In most cases, you’ll be paying at least one hundred dollars less for a comparable option. In some cases, you’ll be paying almost a thousand dollars less.

This is possible because sinks come in such a wide range of materials. Even if you narrow it down to a specific option, like metal, there’s still a choice to make. With metal in particular, you have copper, stainless, and cast iron.

But among all the materials, not just metal, stainless is the most cost effective.

For starters, it’s a surprisingly durable material. With proper care it can last for years, maybe even decades.

It’s also the recommended material if you have a lot of delicate tableware. Things like glass and porcelain are more likely to simply bounce off the bottom then shatter when dropped. This is because the metal actually absorbs the impact.

That’s a reassuring feature if you have breakable, expensive table settings.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to this material. No matter what product you settle on, you’ll be getting a durable, functional, and stylish fixture. And it will cost you a lot less!

Great Options for You

Even when you’re going with a cheaper option, there are still ways to get an even better deal.

If you’re focus is all about saving money, check out the information below. It can help you save the most on your purchase.

Products with Accessories

This material is already among the cheapest, but you can get an even better deal if you purchase a set.

What most buyers don’t realize, is that purchasing a fixture doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get all the hardware. In most cases, you’ll still have to purchase a matching drain, and you may even have to replace your faucet.

Luckily, some manufacturers save you the trouble by allowing you to purchase sets. This means the fixture comes with matching drains and other accessories. That saves you at least one additional purchase, which makes even more room in your budget.

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If it’s accessories you’re after, this set has everything you need. Not only does it come with a drain, but it also comes with a strainer basket and drying rack, among other things.

Unfortunately, this option also highlights one of the downsides of buying budget. It’s an 18 gauge, which is really the thinnest you can go while still having something functional.

An option that’s 16 gauge or above is usually preferable. However, if you don’t really need something that durable, this is a great option.

Durable Options

If you do want something that can sustain a little more abuse, there are 16-gauge options that will work.

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Since this one is made 16 gauge steel, it’s a little thicker than the first option. That means you can relax a bit, knowing that your fixture has some additional durability.

This one is also a little different from the first in that it has asymmetrical basins. There’s no real benefit or downside to this, so it’s really a matter of preference. If you like having different options when it comes to your basins, then it’s worth considering.

There are some different accessories with this one too, namely the two grids.

Grids are great because they can help you keep protect the basin and keep it clean. Buying them for an asymmetrical option like this one would be difficult, since you need two different sizes. This option spares you the trouble since it already comes with ones that fit.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay more to get benefits. This option is pricier, but it still saves you money in other areas. Plus, it’s got some good features to back up the price.

Single Basin Options

If you want to spend less than three hundred on your fixtures, you’ll need to give up a basin. Single basin options tend to be cheaper, with most priced below $250.

Although you’re giving up a basin, you’re saving quite a bit on the overall cost of the fixture. Especially if you get one that comes with all the accessories.

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This fixture is almost identical to the first option on the list, except it’s around one hundred dollars cheaper.

It has the same accessories and is made of the same material. The main reason it’s more affordable is because it only has one basin, instead of two.

This could be considered a bit of a sacrifice for some buyers, but for others, it may be worth it. Single basin options have their own drawbacks and benefits. Do your research and see if you can go with this money saving option.

Planning your Renovation Funds

When it comes time to renovate, there are a lot of considerations you’ll have to make. Style, functionality, and cost will probably be at the forefront of your mind.

The great thing about sinks, is that you can get an option that works for all three of those issues. Depending on the type of material you choose, getting something that’s functional, cheap, and looks good, isn’t an impossible task. Especially when the material in question is metal.

And the best part about saving money on fixtures, is that it leaves you with more to spend elsewhere!

So if you want the most from your renovation, go with a budget stainless steel farmhouse sink double bowl option.

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