Blue Farmhouse Sink Options

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These blue farmhouse sink options are the perfect way to add a unique pop of color to your kitchen. If you’re tired of the same, plain options, these fixtures can transform your design.

Most farmhouse sink ideas you see are white or metal. The finishes also tend to be either matte or shiny, so there’s not a lot of variety their either.

But the limited references doesn’t mean you have limited options. There’s actually a wide range of fixtures to choose from. You can even get options that have decorative fronts, or functional features.

If you want to do something unexpected with your kitchen, check out the guide and fixture recommendations below:

Benefits of This Color

The benefits of darker colors are obvious: they hide stains. This may seem like a minor aesthetic concern, but it can actually get pretty annoying in lighter fixtures.

White sinks, in particular, can be difficult to manage. They require regular upkeep to avoid discoloration and stains.

Darker colors are much more forgiving. It’s okay if you miss a little food residue in the basin, even if it’s highly pigmented. The dark background is going to cause it to blend in better than it would on a white basin.

In that regard, it’s a little easier to take care of. You don’t have to be as careful with your maintenance. And you won’t have to worry about stain removal quite as much either.

Of course, color is the other big benefit. Doing something bold like red, beige, or black is great way to give your kitchen a more unique feel. It’s automatically going to be eye-catching, since it’s just so different from what’s expected.

Downsides of This Color

As great as they are, darker colors do have their downsides.

The biggest one is that they’re more likely to show hard-water stains and soap scum. Unfortunately, both of these issues happen to show white, so they’re really obvious on dark backgrounds.

You can limit these by simply wiping out the basin regularly. But that extra effort eliminates the biggest benefit of darker colors, which is that they’re less maintenance. If you live in an area with hard water, keep that in mind.

The other main downside to darker colors is that they’re more challenging to style.

Darker colors are notoriously difficult to work with. They can make even the most wide-open space look smaller and poorly lit if you’re not careful. And while they do have a calming effect, too much of them will make a space look sad.

It can also be difficult to find the exact shade that you’re looking for. Most options tend to follow the same basic options, like sapphire or cobalt. If you’re looking for something darker or lighter, it may difficult to find an exact color match.

Some Different Options

If you’re interested in going with a unique color choice, check out the options below. They’re prefect for anyone who is looking for a more dramatic fixtures.

Sapphire Blue Farmhouse Sink

BOCCHI 1356-010-0120 Contempo Apron Front Fireclay 27 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Protective Bottom Grid and Strainer in Sapphire BlueCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONWhitehaus Collection WHQDB332-BLUE Quatro Alcove Kitchen, Fireclay, Front Apron Sink, Glossy, Sapphire BlueCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


The deep, rich color of this option is perfect for anyone who wants their fixtures to make a statement. It’s even got fluting on the front, for added visual interest.

The benefit of a shade this dark is that it’s more of a navy. Since navy is widely considered a neutral, it makes this color easier to style.

Light Blue Matte Kitchen Sink

Sinkology SK499-30FC-MBU-AMZ Austen Farmhouse 30 in. Single Bowl Oceanside Matte Blue Care IQ Kit Fireclay Kitchen SinkCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


For something really unique, try an option like this one. Not only does it have a unique finish, but it’s also got a unique color.

The lighter, almost denim shade of this option is perfect for French country styles. It would also look amazing in a coastal kitchen.

How to Style Colorful Fixtures

If you’re not confident that you can pull off fixtures like the ones above, don’t worry! There are some key things that will help you make sure you’re getting your design right. You just have to make sure you do your research beforehand.

For starters, there are certain styles that do well with bolder colors. Contemporary designs, for example, make use of jewel tones regularly. For anyone who prefers something more traditional, you can check out classic French styles, like Rococo or Louis Seize. You can also take it in a different direction, and go with coastal or nautical palettes.

If you’re going to use this sort of color, it helps to look up these styles for reference.

It’s also easier to use this color strictly as an accent color. There are plenty of great guides for how to style accent colors, so it’s easy to find advice if you’re uncertain.

This is also the way to go since it keeps any darker colors from overwhelming the space. Using them as an accent allows you to keep the majority to space white. And white is an important part of any kitchen design, since it’s such a practical color.

Blue Kitchen Sink

Choosing a bolder color for your fixtures is a fun way to do something different with your design. It’s far from the typical white or metal options, but it looks just as sharp.

Of course, any bold item is going to be difficult to style, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. With good references and advice, you can create a color palette and design that works for your space.

Overall, you shouldn’t be afraid to do something unique with your space. Your kitchen should be a place that suits you, no matter how uncommon your tastes.

So try a blue farmhouse sink, or a similarly unique option, and really make your space your own.

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