Black Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Options

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Create some contrast in your kitchen with a black farmhouse kitchen sink. These sleek sinks are perfect for anyone who wants an updated look.

Dark colors traditionally don’t pair well with farmhouse style. For this style, white, earth tones, or even pastels are more common.

In addition to the aesthetic value, lighter color schemes are also more practical. They make darker, smaller spaces look more open. And regardless of style, having a larger, brighter space is preferable.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some contrast where need. Darker colors are ideal for modern and industrial looks. When blending these styles, adding in some dark pops to your color scheme can help keep the space from looking too boring or sterile.

A large fixture like a sink is also the perfect option. They make a dramatic statement since they’re big, but it’s also not an overwhelming element. It’s a much better way to add contrast than doing something like a dark cabinet stain or counter top.

If you want to add some drama to your space, here are some great options:

Black Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink


This size 33 black farmhouse sink is the perfect option for someone who wants something functional and traditional.

In terms of function, this option is helpful because it has two basins. Most options in this style have one, large basin, which isn’t always preferable. Two basins allows for more organization, which is why it’s a desirable feature.

It’s also made of Fireclay, which is a nice, durable material. It also has a non-porous surface coating. This prevents a lot of issues, such as stains and odors.

In terms of aesthetics, this option is great because it has a fluted front. The fluting gives it a more traditional appearance, which is a better choice for anyone with more classic or rustic tastes.

This option is reversible, however. If you prefer a smooth, modern finish, you can use the side that’s not decorative.

Cheap Black Farmhouse Sink


For a more budget friendly option, this single basin sink is a good choice.

While double basins are a good choice, single basin options also have their benefits. The most obvious one is that they can hold larger objects. This makes it easier to deal with things like turkeys and stock pots.

And if you ever need more organization, you can also add in a basin or divider.

Like the first option, this option is made of Fireclay. That means it’s durable, and the surface is more resistant to things like stains.

It’s also another reversible option. Although, unlike the first option, this one doesn’t have a traditional face.

Instead, this one has a smooth face, and a face that has a rectangular recess in it. In this case, both faces are ideal for modern or industrial designs. Choosing between them really comes down to visuals.

If you want to add some visual interest, choose the side that has the recess cut into it. If you want a more minimalist, modern look, go for the smooth side.

Taking Care of Darker Basins

One of the difficulties of darker colors is that they pick up certain stains easier.

The obvious benefit of this is that any food stains aren’t going to show up. This means you can get away with less maintenance.

The downside, is that hard water and soap residue is going to be a constant issue.

If you don’t mind the little white splotches everywhere, then this is a non-issue. For people who want to display a dark, spotless basin, you’ll have to put in a little extra work.

One thing you’ll need to do is wipe away and standing water at the end of the day. This will help prevent the water from evaporating and leaving mineral deposits. It also helps to remove any soap residue, since that also tends to dry white or leave streaks.

You can also get a hard water cleaner, to remove any build-up that does occur. And for an all-natural alternative, you can also clean up hard water with vinegar.

General Maintenance

Regardless of what type of material or color you get, maintaining a clean unmarred basin requires the same general care.

The key is making sure that the surface of the basin doesn’t get chips or scratches. When a chip or scratch does occur, it can lead to further damage, as well as odors and stains. As such, you want to avoid them as much as possible.

Luckily, most options, like the two listed above, have scratch resistant basins. The surface coating is durable, so you’re less likely to encounter any issues. However, you still need to be careful.

One way to avoid issues is to make sure you’re handling your dishes carefully. Dropping heavy or sharp objects with too much force can lead to issues. You also want to avoid really harsh scrubbing sponges like copper mesh or steel wool.

Instead, use things like microfiber towels, or non-stick pan safe scrubbers. These will remove dirt, but are gentle on the surface. You’ll also want to use gentle cleaners, or even all-natural cleaners.

Adding Contrast to Your Style

Lighter color schemes are a functional, attractive choice. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because of how much they can open up a space.

Even smaller kitchens can look large with enough white and light colors. That’s because these colors are so great at reflecting light. That means they’re also perfect for making a space look brighter. So even if it’s small and doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can have an open looking space.

But you don’t have to shy away from dark color in your spaces. In fact, they’re perfect for making a space look more modern and dynamic.

It’s a great way to contrast the lighter color schemes that are a part of most popular, trendy styles. And with large fixtures, you get all the drama of the color contrast, without overwhelming the scheme as a whole.

Overall, if you’re interested in changing up your style, consider some darker fixtures. A black farmhouse kitchen sink is just one option that can transform your space.

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