Beige Farmhouse Sink

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Add some warmth to your color scheme with a beige farmhouse sink. These sinks are the perfect alternative if you don’t want a traditional, stark white option.

Beige Farmhouse Sink Options

Finding colorful farmhouse sinks can be a bit tricky. When it comes to buying online, only certain manufacturers offer a range of colors. This means that you’ll face a limited selection of styles, features, and materials.

However, there are still plenty of great options available.


If you’re looking for quality at a fair price, fireclay is the best option for materials.

Fireclay is durable and easy to maintain. That’s part of the reason why it’s such a popular material option.

It also provides a lot more aesthetic opportunities than other materials.

Because it’s easy to work with, you can find it in a variety of colors and styles. That means it’s the perfect choice if you’re going for a unique look, especially one with decorative elements.

Of course, fireclay is not the only material available. For this particular color, stone or stone composite options are another great choice.

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Granite, in particular, is a good choice, since it naturally comes in a variety of brown tones.

The issue with these is that they’re far more expensive. For natural stone, you could be paying upwards of a thousand dollars.

Stone composite options are cheaper; however, they still carry a larger price tag than fireclay. Overall, just be sure to keep your budget in mind when selecting your preferred material.


Another major decision you’ll need to make with any fixture is the basic features.

For a fairly basic fixture, sinks actually come in a wide variety of options. There are things like self-rimming options, to help with installation. And there are options with drainboards as well, to give you more prep-space.

Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, not all of these features will be available in a range of colors. With brown in particular, the main feature you’ll have to consider is whether you want one basin or two.

Most sinks, apron-front or otherwise, are double basin. These are popular because they offer more organization. With these, you usually have one basin for the garbage disposal, and one basin that has a regular drain.

As such, it’s easier to divide your tasks. You can have one basin for dirty dishes, and the other for prepping, washing, soaking, or thawing.

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That’s not to say that single basin options don’t have their own benefits. Although you lose the ability to organize, you gain much more space.

Since the basins aren’t divided, it’s easier to wash larger objects, like cookie sheets and Dutch ovens. They’re also great for more unconventional things, like washing pets, shoes, throw rugs, etc.

If you tend to use your sink heavily, for a variety of tasks, a single basin option is worth considering.

There are also plenty of options that blend both of these features together. For double basin fixtures, you can get options with low dividers, that allow water to flow between the basins. For single basin fixtures, you can get inserts to help give you extra organization when needed.

Consider what you need most in your kitchen, and choose your features accordingly.

Benefits of This Color

When it comes to off-white, brown, or cream farmhouse sinks, there are plenty of reasons to choose color.

Lighter colors are great because of their practical benefits. They reflect light, which can make a space look bigger and brighter than it actually is. For smaller or poorly lit kitchens, this is obviously the ideal feature.

Of course, white does this to the greatest effect. But white is not always the best color choice for a design.

In general, white is a very stark color. If you have too much of it without proper contrast, it’s going to make a space look to boring or austere. You also run the risk of it contrasting too much with a more muted, pastel color scheme.

That’s where off-white colors like cream come in.

These give you all the practical benefits of a lighter color scheme. However, they’re warmer than a true white option.

That makes them a much better option for use in country style color schemes. This style tends to favor more color, especially browns. So off-white fixtures are a better match.

Regardless of style, they’re also a better complement to softer pastels, like green and pink. And they pair well with blue and grey as well.

Overall, their versatility and function makes them a good choice for a variety of kitchens.

Important Considerations

With lighter colors, the biggest issue is always staining.

With everything that happens in a sink, it’s natural to get some discolorations here and there. Unfortunately, these minor issues are more obvious against a lighter background.

The best way to deal with stains is through routine cleaning and maintenance. If you’re regularly clearing the basin of standing water and food debris, you shouldn’t have any issues.

If stains or discoloration do show up, make sure to treat them carefully.

It’s tempting to use bleach on off-white options, but steer clear. Although they’re light in color, bleach is harsh, and can still cause issues. Stick to gentler, or all-natural solutions instead. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar, for example, can take care of most issues.

But remember, routine cleaning is still the best way to manage discolorations.

Choosing the Perfect Color

Finding a good color for larger fixtures is not always easy. It’s an item that’s sure to stand out, so you need to choose something that will suit your overall design.

Of course, finding a color that you like is the most important thing. You’ll be using your sink every day, so you want to pick something that you enjoy seeing.

Altogether, it’s not easy to balance appearance with other issues like functionality and price.

Luckily, there’s a wide variety of options available. Although color can limit selection, there’s still plenty of materials and features to choose from.

So consider adding a pop of warm color to your space with a beige farmhouse sink.

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